tomorrow, the day of truth
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    tomorrow, the day of truth

    Well, I just got done watching the Azores summit. President Bush and Tony Blair just said that tomorrow is the day for other countries to decide weather they are with us or not. And possibly as soon as tomorrow night he will address the country to tell us we are going to war.

    What are all of your thoughts on this?

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    Good. The longer we wait, the less credible we look to Saddam. He knows that all he has to do is buy himself time and he'll get all he wants. We need to take care of him now.

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    The protestors are going to crap themselves. At my school they had a protest about not bringing back the draft....I couldn't believe it. It was all the really big kids too that the military would never draft (even thoguh the draft is not coming back)!!!

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    I have not always agreed with our Commander in Chief. But now the hour is upon us when history will take note what happens in the next few weeks.

    I pray that he has the strength and wisdom to do what is best for all mankind. He has the honor of leading our beloved Corps. We will serve and perform the duty that is put forth before us. We will not fail, because we cannot stand even the thought of failing a fellow Marine.

    As I grow older the old tale of the last bullet and match atop of our flag poles seems more real. Oddly enough I keep an MP3 file of the old Soviet National Anthem on my computer. I listen to it to remind myself that my Brother Marine's and I were part of the team that did defeat them.

    Tens of thousands of our Brothers are now in the field ready to continue our proud tradition. My thoughts and prayers go out to them to be true to each other. As I sit in a comfortable chair in front if a slick computer, I can see that Lance God, rechecking his weapon. His sergeant ensures that all canteens and magazines are filled. The LT is double checking the duty roster. The Company commander is making sure the ammo and fuel resupply is in order. That tough old bird of a First Sergeant is making sure his lads are ready to rumble!

    When the final tale is told to our great-grand children, let it be known that when humanity was at a difficult crossroads that our Corps performed with Uncommon Valor!

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    Tonight is the night....he is gonna tell Saddam either he leaves Iraq or we attack....Sadamm has 72 hours. Pray for our leaders and our troops

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    WE WILL DOMINATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEMPER FI


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    Well the countdown doesn't really mean much anymore. After Saddam said that he wasn't going to leave and he suggested that Bush step down...well yeah I'm sure you get the picture. If Saddam doesn't agree to the terms we delt him, the countdown doesn't mean a "gosh dang" thing. This war won't be as quick as the last "war" either guys. This one is going to take at least a few months of ground war according to Major and Gunny. Re-establishing government there will be a pain as well. The Arabs will have to deal with the US riding in on its white horse again and "westernizing" them. The Army will probably have to act as an occupational force too, ensuring that there will be few if little uprisings after Saddam is either forced out or eleminated.

    I just don't see this one going away overnight. Hell, with any luck there will be plenty of ish to go around when I'm good to go in. My prayers are with US airmen, soldiers, sailors and Marines and all of yours should be too. I don't care who or what you pray to, just pray for their safety!

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    I think the re-establishment of government in Iraq is gonna be a pain too. Hopefully it goes as well as it did in Afghanistan, but I doubt it will. Too much damage is gonna be done to the infastructure. Its gonna take a long time to rebuild and hopefully we help, and don't do a half-a$$ed job cause then we'll look bad if Iraq goes to hell again. must my opinion though.

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    For those who do not know the feeling of breeching minefields and smell oil smoke as well as seeing the cobras flying 20 feet over your head as well as hearing the first ak 47 round zing by your head its something you dont forget just wish I was back for round II.
    Never, Never, Never give up
    winston churchill
    Semper fi

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    Seeley, yer startin' to scare me.

    Yer makin' sense.

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    Hey Bones,

    Aren't ya proud of these hope to be's! Reading their postings brought tears to me eyes! Why, I think this up and coming generation of hope-to-be Marines will make us all proud! Honor, Courage, Committment, their more than just mere words. I sense it developing right here in this forum! OOOH RAH!

    semper fi

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    Yep. But don't tell them I said so. They'll get the big heads on me! LOL.

    Gettin' them this far has been like herdin' cats! LOL.

    We've got a few of them sorted out and they're bringin' along the 'new guys', so it's all good now! They're gettin' the idea.

    They're startin' to listen and they're startin' to get it and get it for all of the right reasons! Yer damn right I'm proud!

    Even when they **** me off.

    It's a joy and an honor to be a part, however small, of bringing the 'New Corps' up to speed! My hope is that every damn one of them turn out to be better Marines than we were! The bar has been raised and it looks like they just might reach it!

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    Hey, if any of you guys are on here right now 10:20 pacific time. They are about to have a segment on CNN on the Marines. I dont know what its all about but I just saw one Marine chewing another ones butt.

    Update: Its was about this Marine who refuses to carry the same weight as the rest of the Marines and cant keep up, he refuses to finish hikes. When they interviewed him he said "I know what my limits are and I'm not going to try pass them. What I can do is what I can doĒ when they asked the reason for all of his stress he replied "I havenít had any contact with my family"

    I donít know about the rest of you, but to me this is almost disgraceful. Isnít part of what the Marines are about is knowing your boundaries and breaking through them? Also, I have never been in a war, I have never been to boot camp. For those of you who have, is not having contact with your family a reason to not try hard and not finish your mission? This guys not even in combat yet.

    its gonna be on again in a couple of minutes

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