Need your input on anti-anti war protestors speech
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    Need your input on anti-anti war protestors speech

    Next Wednesday, I have been invited to deliever a message to Business leaders in our community by the Chamber of Commerence.

    My theme is "The Price of Freedom" and it deals manily with the support of our troops, and the effect the anti-war protest has on them, before, during and after battle.

    All of your in-put is apprecaited from both sides of the issues and especially from those of you that have faced this in life.



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    peace activists and some of their ramblin's:

    Some facts, articles and grumblins:

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    there's a couple more here

    Doubled up a bit on these two, but there's some different references here.

    Some of the Marines here have been to some of the 'Support Our Troops' rallies, too.

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