A Question About Pogues Vs Combat Vets
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    A Question About Pogues Vs Combat Vets

    I might be a little brain fried, but I have a scenario that some of you true tried combat vets can clear up for me.

    I was an 0811 then I was a FO. When I went to Somalia we didnt have any big guns with us, so I performed the 0311 mission (urban patrols, checkpoints etc.) We took our share of enemy fire and we fired back.

    Now I am a Supply Guy. I work at the range as well. I also teach Combat Water Swimming.

    My question is, did I lose my "hardness" the day I switched over to Supply? Did my MOS change, get rid of the fvckin nightmares I still get of little babies dead in the middle of the street and crazy afican mofos trying to strip everything off of us as we tried to hand out meals from the tops of hummers and 5-tons. Did my MOS change the fact that I'm still responsible for the Marines under my charge. That I still have to train them on all aspects of the Marines, including but not limited to patrolling, rear area security and calling for fire?

    **** NO!

    Have I seen the elephant? Yeah, he was disguised as a 97 lb humanitarian mission.

    Does it make a difference? Yes

    One thing you should never forget.... All it takes is one stray bomb, or one land mine to turn each and every Marine into a combat vet. Or a combat casuality.

    Sgt E

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    It's all on how you see it!

    But, for the most part I got to wear mud flavored utilities, and got a chance to pop off a lot of caps at the enemy.

    Some pogues got send to the field because they were s**tbirds in the rear, who figures what?

    If only the Corps would have paid by confirmed kills, the question would have been answered. But, just as often it was luck that made that fool bastard jump into my line of firing.

    Like I said b4, some got hurt in the field and ended up at supply. I guess the way I figure it, if you didn't turn in your P-38, you're still in combat.

    As far as seeing the elephant, I think his sister resides over here and keeps craping on my front yawn, cause I have to get up all hours of the night to chase her away.

    To tell you the truth, I never knew others had not experienced what I had experienced until a few years back. I never tried to make any distinction (except for those Army-of-One dudes). We all did our part and I'm grateful for those that were there in one form or another together.

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    It's about MUD!!! Closer To Mud Closer to Blood!!
    God, Country, and Corps Knows We are a Team!!
    The Best in The World !! Semper Fidelis, MARINES

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    This type of Mud bro?

    India Company at the Gates of Hell

    They were the Old-Timers, that were there when I got to India Company. they taught me how to survive.

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    This Bro is the DOC that patched my wounds on operation UTAH 6 Mar 66!!

    His Citation:
    Medal of Honor - 1966

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    Just one more rice paddy to cross

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    A salute to Doc Ingram!

    Among the best in the Corps!

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    I'll be a few klicks outside o Hue.....jump in da hole if ya gets a chance.........

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    Post Wasn't going to post...BUT

    this is an Open Squad bay and we're all entitled to our
    own opinion and well I've never been scared of standing
    up and voicing my opinion so here it is....

    First of all, NO I'm not a combat veteran and
    I have the deepest respect for combat veterans, well
    some of them anyhow.

    I'll take Sparrowhawk for example. This Marine is one damn
    warrior. Served in Vietnam and went through some major
    crap, BUT not once have I seen him put any other Marine
    down just because he wasn't a Combat Marine.

    I'm sorry to be bold here but just because you were
    "in the mud" doesn't give you the right to talk down
    on others and belittle them by saying they're not worthy.
    No I've never killed anyone, no I don't have nightmares and
    just because you do and I don't that DOESN'T make you better.

    I thank combat veterans from the bottom of my heart because
    they had the courage to do what many people don't have the
    courage to do..and that's SERVE THEIR COUNTRY IN TIME OF WAR,
    but realize that this country is not always in a WAR situation and
    many Marines will NOT and ARE NOT COMBAT Veterans and that's
    not by choice.

    Look past your nose and realize that it's not ALL about you.
    Us (non-combat veterans) don't try and understand what you've
    been through BUT do understand to some degree..why because
    as Sergeant of Marines said..."All it takes is one stray bomb, or
    one land mine to turn each and every Marine into a combat vet.
    Or a combat casuality. " I'm sure you saw death all around you
    but don't use that as a way to put yourself above others because
    we've all experienced the death of someone close to us in one
    way or another...like having to come into the office to find out a
    Marine you saw everyday and took care of when he had pay problems
    hung himself in his garage leaving a wife and child and you having
    to close out his SRB or having to line up 400 Marines from your
    Battalion that are being sent out to a Humanitarian Mission and
    having them sit next to you one after another and you having to
    ask them in case they don't come back who do they want their
    SGLI to go to and the thought that you might never see that Marine
    again. Like I said I can't understand what you've been through
    but just because you might of "seen the elephant" that doesn't
    make you better. There's sh!tbirds in every MOS so just because
    he was an 0311 and I was an 01 that doesn't make him better
    because he might of been one hell of a sh!tbird and we all know
    THIS is true.

    It's all about respect. Respect people for who they are and get
    to know them and don't judge them because of an MOS.
    We all make choices but we don't have control of our destiny.

    Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters

    P.S. This is not in any way directed to anyone, but if the shoe
    fits then well you know the rest.

    God Bless!

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    Thumbs up LL

    Good post LL i hope all read that one, i have seen my share of death in the field, but i was not in Viet Nam, and yes i did kill a few, but i to get ragged on about not doing enough, i hear sometimes "you guys didnt do "sh*@" but i just think it depends on the vet you talk to, and you are right its all about respect.

    Attached is a photo of 2 Marines that didn't make it back, one died while we worked on him and the other was my bunk mate @ camp geiger..... I would rather have them all back than to be a combat Marine........................
    Semper FI Marines

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    2 cents

    LL what about the Maint BN Capt Purple Heart in Somalia. Or those from Maint BN who got there Combat Action ribbon from Desert Storm. There were those that were used as decoys when the Ground attack started. I can't remember the Name of the town but Some Maint Bn Marines were given the task of holding the town and Making it look like it was a much larger unit.
    We're pouges till the action starts. Not like me got stuck and never saw the action. Out of 20 years always peace. Or in the wrong coast, or On Okinawa. Or like the last time I was just coming out of ICU(From a heart attack) when Kuwati was invaded. Had to stand by as my Marines went over that sucked.

    Semper Fi

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    LL, outstanding post Marine, i couldn't agree more. not every Marine was in during "wartime" but they all volunteered. don't forget not all combat vets were volunteers some had to be there and some of those acted as though they didn't want to be there. so how can someone be better cause they saw combat. you dont know how non combat vets would act in that situation.
    Semper Fi and respecting all those who gave in war or peace as long as they gave what was asked of them!

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    I killed a Vietnamese kid

    You can have my CAR back.

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    Beatin a Dead Horse

    I am Proud to be a Marine. I am even more Proud that I was given the privlage of being a Marine 0311. I was also allowed the Honor of distinguising my Patroitism, By Helping to defend Our Country as part of the Finest Fighting unit in the world.

    I also have had the opportunity to be a Garrison Marine. I worked at OCS Quantico Va for 5 Candidates Series. I was a Logistics and Supply NCO (property NCO),

    I Was the same Marine in Admin as I was In Vietnam.

    I Do Know One Sure Thing about My Beloved Corps!!
    There is no Greater Love than that between, Combat Marines..Unconditional Love!!

    Semper Fidelis, Marines!!

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