Fleet Week Marines Honor Twin Towers Fallen
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Magee Hickey

(CBS) NEW YORK Marines in New York City for Fleet Week joined forces with New York’s Bravest and Finest for a special run. It was particularly meaningful for one mother and her son.

Some 150 marines in boots ferried down to lower Manhattan to run in the streets with their colors, led by a double amputee who served in Iraq, Sergeant Angel Barcenas.

The annual memorial run to the Twin Towers turned out to be particularly special for Darlene Castellano, who came in from Coram, Long Island, to catch a glimpse of her strapping 21-year-old son Joseph.

The Suffolk County native is now stationed in Camp LeJeune preparing to go to Iraq, and his mother hasn't seen him for months.

"It's awesome. I am so proud to see all of the guys here. It's awesome…he's my hero," said Darlene Castellano.

A chaplain offered prayers for the living and the dead at Ground Zero. "We are here to pay tribute to the dead and wounded."

The mother and son bowed their heads along with other Marines, members of the FDNY, the NYPD and Port Authority Police, as they remembered those killed here and those who died much farther away.

A wreath was placed at Ground Zero.

So what does it mean for one mother from Long Island to see her Marine son at Ground Zero?

“It's very moving, very emotional…we're just very proud of all of them," Darlene Castellano said.

With a quick kiss from his mother, Joseph Castellano ran with the other Marines back to his ship. Next March, he and the other Marines will deploy to Iraq next March.

The Marines who ran on Thursday are all stationed aboard the USS Wasp.

The Wasp and other ships are in town for Fleet Week. The ships can be visited through the Memorial Day weekend.