Do you consider Marine Reserves, "Marines"?
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    Do you consider Marine Reserves, "Marines"?

    Just wondering if there still considered Marines in your eyes, since they go through all the same training. And can a Marine reserve call himself a "Marine"?

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    To an extent, yes. And we have had this discussion before - all the Marines here know how we feel about it - AD as well as Reserve.

    What do YOU think?

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    ^IDK, I mean what do the reserves do after basic training if there is no war going on, or they didnt choose infantry?

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    They are Marines. They earned the title the same as every other Marine. It has been well covered that most of us active duty types see them as different, but still Marines.

    As for your last comment, I don't really understand your logic with the infantry comment. If a reservist is not activated and deployed, they drill one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer. During that time they train in their MOS, have PFTs, maintain equipment, and basically do all the things that active duty Marines do on a daily basis. An infantry unit would go to the field and train in infantry tactics. A comm unit would set up their systems and train.

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    Once a Marine, Always a Marine. It's just a matter of duty station. We all became Marines upon graduating Recruit Training.

    Reserve Marines are stationed at home and only train 1 weekend a month. The only differences are that they don't train every day and they're prone to allowing themselves to become contaminated with civilian slime when they come back on duty.

    Reservists do the same thing as their active duty counterparts do. They just do them only 1 weekend per month and 2 weeks per year. If they're field Marines, they go to the field. If they're wingers, they work on the flight line. If they're REMFS, they sit behind their desks.

    I hope these answer your questions.

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    i dont understand how they work though. Because I live near central florida and there is not Marine base around me, and if I had joined the reserves, where would i do my work at?

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    That will take you to a page that lists all of the reserve units in Florida. You would meet there. If going to the field you would train in the same areas as the National Guard.

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    True, do they get the same respect from Marines like you men/women?

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    Semper Sometimes!!!!!!!

    Just Kidding, everyone earns the title! were all green after bootcamp.


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    The Marines that chose to serve as reservist have my respect as much as any other Marine! They chose the reserves for various reasons, which I am sure was right for them at the time! Some of the best Marines I know are/were reservist! They may be referred to as TAMPONS from time to time, but when they are needed they are there and ready to fight!! They are just as well qualified for the job as anyone can be that trains one weekend a month and two weeks a year!

    To my Reseve Brothers and Sisters---Semper Fi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjcb23
    ^IDK, I mean what do the reserves do after basic training if there is no war going on, or they didnt choose infantry?
    There is a War going on! The Units of the 24th Marines have deployed several times. That Ohio battalion got bloody as hell over there. The insurgency didn't care that they were Reservists.

    They are Marines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellowwing
    The insurgency didn't care that they were Reservists.
    That pretty much says it all. We may run our mouths about them sometimes, but they are Marines. And as it is said- only two people know Marines: Marines and the enemy.

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    So if you sign up to be a reserve, do you have any say in what you want to do, or are the chances of becomning infantry pretty high?

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    To be a reservist you sign up to fill a particular spot in a unit. (Or at least that is how I've always seen it done.) You have an advantage over active duty in that you get to pick your exact MOS.

    Even if that weren't true, the chance of being an infantry Marine would only be high if you happened to live near an infantry unit. And, if you look around the forums real quick you would see that there is a big problem with not having enough infantry slots for people that want to be infantry. If you were open contract your chances of ending up in the infantry would be pretty low.

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    Here is the official list of USMC Forces Reserve Units in Florida.

    If you want combats arms, it looks like you'll have to make the drive to Jacksonville.

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