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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebrand38
    My latest FOIA request came back from NPRC. There was indeed a Marine named Alvin Blackburn with III MAF. He was assigned on 4 Dec 68 to H&S Co as an Admin Man. In Sep 69 he was assigned Camp Pendleton to Base Personnel. He served from 4 Aug 1966 to 30 Nov 1977 when he was discharged at Camp Pendleton as a WO2. He was working in Personnel there as well.

    Add that to the fact that there was no Colonel White and none of the KIA's names are on the Wall and there you have it.
    Well done, sir!

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    That must have been an overweight BAR, OR it was on steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I might add, the BAR I shot DID NOT WEIGH 40 pounds!!!!!!!!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by 10thzodiac

    Colonel William W. WHITE 031 562/9910 USMC,

    There were no Marine air parachute insertions between 1967 and 1969. Furthermore there were only three Marine jumps during the entire Vietnam War.

    The first June 14, 1966 (successful)

    The second September 15, 1967 (very un-successful)

    The third November 17, 1969 (successful)

    Maybe the jump December 1968 was a "TOP SECRET MISSION" with 20lbs. BAR's & 16 ga. shotguns and not declassified yet

    Source: http://www.globalsecurity.org/milita...0810-mcn01.htm

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    I want to know what is this "16 gage" Every Marine shotgun I seen was "12 gage" that enclouds a few old Winchester 97's. I just happen to have a old "97" in 16 gage.

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    Bar ??

    This "Recon" story was posted on our 3rd Force Recon site. This is a closed site, open only to 3rd Force members. The story is a total fabrication, but a hoot. There was one combat jump in RVN, by 1st Force.It was a disaster and never repeated. These guys were definately not on that jump. BARs were never used by either company. Real Recon stories are horrific enough without these cartoonish efforts. I am more amused than insulted. Mike Mc 3rd Force 67-68

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    I ran 42 patrols with 3rd Force Recon from 2/67 to 3/68 in the I Corps area and not once were we ever inserted by parachute. None of the teams in 3rd Force ever carried BAR's, carbines, or grease guns during my tour, and I'm sure the same was true for Recon Battalion and 1st Force. This sounds like a wanna be story to me....

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    i packed a M14 with 8 mags. and lots of loose rounds could fire full auto....and put all 20 in a car door at 50 yards....armory lost my M14 when i went on r&r they tried to give me a bar...not sure how much they weigh but can tell you they are alought heavyer then a M14,...told then nope...M14 or nothing...they found it a cupple days later...got a little more skate time out of it.....oh and im 5'7" and weighed 125 at the time....had one Lt that carried a grease gun...it jamed all the time if i remember rite and he finaly went to packing a M16

    be safe

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    I was in the Corps for 13 years and I was a SSgt when I left. I am now a Police Officer in my home town. I was in some training this week when my Instructor gave me a copy of this report. I read the report along with some of my fellow Police Officers, a few of which were service members. It is a very motivating story and shows what Marines are made of. The Instructor asked me if I had ever read the story and if I knew if it was accurate. I told him I hadn't read the report before and did not know of it's truth or fiction. Could you tell me if this really happened and what the end result was. Cpl Blackburn deserved the CMH! I'm not sure if he got it but he deserved it if the story is true.

    Semper Fi,

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    No, sorry, it's a complete and total fabrication.

    Please fill out a profile and welcome aboard!~

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    I wish the story were true instead of hyperbole.

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    Real MOH stories are, quite literally, more harrowing, more interesting, and, better than that, TRUE.

    I read my son and daughter MOH citations as bedtime stories.

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    Sgt. Lep====Sgt. Thrasher and I know this one S/Sgt. who not only read his kids Marine combat stories he also had his young kids doing close order drill, all the pt he could dish out.

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    LOL. I'm not that "ate up"

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    This has to be flat out the funniest "true war story" on the net. What is really funny is that anyone, any Marine or Doc, could read it. Actually read what is being said and then end up believing this truly tall tale. Not one single thing in this write up is or even would be true.

    This write up was not done by wannabes. It had to be done by real VN Reconners. No one could get every single thing wrong except a real pro. I mean an amature would have gotten a few things correct just by accident.

    But a few comments on some of the comments I read on this thread.

    In 1965 and 66 we did have BAR's and grease guns, and carbines. At times these weapons were carried on Recon patrols. I never carried the BAR but I did see it carried a few times. When you saw Big Ski or one of the others break it out you knew that was not a good sign. You knew it could be a really rough mission.

    But no one would have taken a BAR on a jump.

    I carried at times the other two. But then I could carry what I wanted.

    I doubt there is any HM1 that made two combat jumps in VN. I doubt there was any Marine or Doc that made two of them.

    Complete and total BS this write up is. But well done by a real pro.


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    Quote Originally Posted by maverickmarine View Post
    Yeah, it also shows just how thin that line is between getting charged with a crime and being considered a hero.

    Oustanding job Marine!!!!
    I'll Semper Fi That !!!

    ps. Great Post Fontman

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