OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport
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    Thumbs down OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport

    Monday, May 14, 2007
    OIF Hero SGT Mark England beaten & tased by Las Vegas Police at McCarran Airport

    Cat sent me this way with her post.

    Sgt Mark T. England of the US Army National Guard was a medic getting ready to deploy forward with his unit when the March 10th incident happened at the McCarren International Airport in Las Vagas. Mark was tased 3 times and beat with night clubs by 2 Las Vagas police officers the second video is shot it from a different angle and shows another police officer joking and making kicking motions with a TSA agent. When it was all done and over with Mark was left with bruses all over his body, 3 fractured ribs and questions. Two months later, still no charges were filed against him and he been unable to deploy due to his injuries. Cat fills the details pretty good enough but the videos speak for themselves.

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    I have some unanswered questions myself.

    First...this appears to have started with TSA jerks being, well, jerks. BUT, the prohibition on liquids (recall that it began with a 1/2 bottle of sprite) is by now well known.

    I think TSA are generally wannabee cops imbued with too much power, which they abuse. Moving on....

    Obviously, the police are called. Probably for the "Disorderly".

    They arrive. The "disorderly" continues. In the longshot footage, you can't hear, or see, exactly what the cop is telling him to do. There is the bit about putting him in handcuffs. I'm guessing things go downhill from there, and the Sgt refuses, leading the cop to pull the ASP (or whatever impact weapon he has). Several strikes are administered, to no effect. By this time, back up arrives, and the taser is deployed. The bit about being zapped '3 times' is probably correct, as my guess is, the Sgt still didn't comply with commands to get on his stomach and put his hands behind his back.

    That's my take on how this went down.

    Here's the rub. The cops were wrong NOT to charge him, if they had something to charge him with. When you use that kinda force, not charging someone with a crime (be it resisting, fail to obey lawful order, disorderly, etc etc) is opening ones-self up to the can of worms they now have.

    The Sgt made the first mistake by bringing the sprite along, then getting stupid and arguementative with a useless TSA person. You are at their whim when it comes to this stuff, like it or not. Had he just gave up the damn sprite and shut up, he'd have boarded his plane and been on his way.

    The second segment quoting the aclu goof was useless. The aclu are the same people that would disarm cops and let criminals run wild. They are no friends of the military, or of regular citizenry. Much less the police.

    And, so the other guy stands at the doors at watches. Big deal.


    Plenty of unanswered questions.

    Oh, lastly, is it legal for him (the Sgt) to be interviewed in uniform about this? I wonder.

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    We may need to fight in the desert in Vegas

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