Vietnam Vet Needs Help
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    Vietnam Vet Needs Help

    I 've just found out that a man that I work with has just been evicted from his apartment. He & his wife, who is mentally ill, have until Monday to move out. He's on the 3rd shift floor crew at the local Wal-Mart & he doesn't make very much money. His name is David Kastner & he served 2 tours in Vietnam in the Marine Corps. If anyone out there has any ideas on how we can help this fellow Marine out, please let let me know.

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    Does walmart know? talk to mangement there, alot of times they can help there own employees out.

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    WALMART WONT HELP SQUAT,UNLESS IT GOES IN THEIR POCKET 1ST.Its a shot in the dark call aboard the base you are at and talk to the navy relief society.also talk to the vfw and american legion in you town,in some cities there is a vet the local unemployment office,see if he or she can point you in right direction

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