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    Super Squad

    I was part of super squad 3 times with 3rd marines. we took a 1st, and 2nd in division. I have one gold medal, and it was one of the proudest moments I had in the corps. I still keep in contact with the Marines I served with during that time. (1987-1991)

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    so is this defunct now? has anyone confirmed this is still going on?

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    2/4 Super Squad

    My Name is Brian and I am Proud to say that the 31st Commandant of the Marine Corp Carl E. Mundy Jr. Pinned the gold Super Squad badge to my chest at 8th and I Marine Corps Barracks, Washington D.C. I won it with 2nd battalion 4th Marines, Echo Company in June of 1994. We kicked tail. I also won the first ever Top Doc award during the competition. I also won the following year the John Henry Balch award, and it was based on my performance during the super squad competition. It was a brutal competition, a week long with little to no sleep. Everything from night ops deploying from a CH-53 to rapid river crossings, buddy you name it we did it..Not to mention all the rounds of shooting at Stone Bay Rifle Range. I am very proud of my service, especially my time with the Marines. I will never forget my squad mates. We were lead by then Sgt. O'brien, a die hard leatherneck. Semper-Fi......

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    I was in suer squad back in 1980 with 3rd marine div India co 6th marines believe we came in 3 rd place

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    I'll check in the 53 area of Camp Pendleton, if this is still going on today. there is a large wooden sign that has the last super squad listed with a date!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkyker View Post
    That darn 5 minute rule got me on edits. I should note that every squad was not the winning squad. All troups that participated but did not win recieved a meritorious mast and the NCO's recieved a Navy Achievment Medal. I was a Lcpl in all 3 that I participated in.
    Lol, more proof that awards are not rank-based! Sorry for the interruption, just had to let that out.

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    I was attached to Fox 2/5 1plt 1sqd and we were the 1993 Super Squad Division Champs. Sgt. Martin was our squad leader. It was fantastic, we all were sent to D.C. to meet Gen. Mundy. Good Times!!

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    We were recently having a conversation about this on Terminal Lance.
    My understanding is that it mostly died off when the war broke out.

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    I won it in 96' with 2/6, Gen Krulak pinned my Gold SS Badge, good times!

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    Super Squad 1976

    I was with Mike Co. 3/9, the winning squad in 1976. It was a Corps wide competition then. We started training in the fall of '75 and flew back to Quantico for the competition in May of '76. An experience I will never forget. We were at 8th and I for the announcement. Gen. Jasilka, assistant Commandant, Gen. Wilson was out of the country we were told, pinned the gold on us. It was a definite team competition!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndCEBSupply View Post
    I didnt know anything about Super squads till a year ago some bouncer was braging to me about how he won it. I wonder if he was for real or not.
    I never heard of it when I was in, but it did (and may still exist) at one time. I believe it is a competition within a division. I have never heard of an overall competition, but it is possible there was a Corps wide competition. I just never heard of itl.

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    Super Squad

    I was in Super squad in 1983 in Okinawa. I was with Charlie Company 5th Marines. We lost to 3/9 I believe. That was some serious training. I learned so much. everything i still know. My fondest memory was at the Dinner ceremony Col. Dabney, "Chesty's" son-in-Law was the one who announced the winner. He was Capt. Dabney at Khe Sahn.. I wish I had pictures. All my pics/deployment book got lost in a move. Tragic.

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    In 2000 we took 2d MarDiv Super Squad and i was with 3rd Battalion 8th Marines Kilo Co, in 2001 we went to Oki and took 3rd MarDiv Super Squad as well. I was unable to participate in the one in Oki since i had to fly back for emergency leave. The day i returned to Oki the competition had began and i did not make the roster in time. The squad from 3/8 still took it though. The badge still looks amazing on my uniform even though i no longer wear it since i was medically retired in 2006.

    Semper Fi!

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmc987332 View Post
    I never heard of it when I was in, but it did (and may still exist) at one time. I believe it is a competition within a division. I have never heard of an overall competition, but it is possible there was a Corps wide competition. I just never heard of itl.

    I still work for the Corps in a different capacity and what i have heard is when the rotation levels out Super Squad should start back up. To be honest, in the 6 months i was part of super squad, i learned more about tactics then the 2yrs i had in service.

    To answer the comment above, yes, it is (was Marine Corps wide). Each company would stack up a TO squad of Marines and Corpsman to compete against the other companies in the BN. The winner would go to regimental level amongst their respective regiment. The winner of that would go against the rememaining squads from each division. The Division winners have a ceremony where the Div CG would award the plaques. All the winning squads from each Division go up to HQ Marine Corps Barracks to receive the Super Squad Badge from the Commandant and SgtMaj during the evening parade, good times!!!!

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    For those who have not seen the Gold Badge, here it is. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


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