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Officer Development Handbook: Professional Military Education (PME)

Officer Development Handbook: Professional Military Education (PME)
- POC for policy at the Marine Corps University is DSN 278-6031 or Com 703-784-6031. POC for Marine Corps Insitute nonresident program information at PME Department, Marine Corps Institute is DSN 288-4109 or Com 202-433-4109.
POC for Reserve officer PME at CMC (RAM-4) is DSN 278-9125 or Com 703-784-9125

- PME Requirements for Warrant Officers and Chief Warrant Officer-2

- Current requirements , per MCO P1553.4, are to enroll Warfighting Skills (7400) after appropriate MOS school(s).

- PME Requirements for Chief Warrant Officer-3 and Chief Warrant Officer-4

- Current requirements, per MCO P1553.4 for CWO-3 are to enroll in the Amphibious Warfare School Distance Education Program (AWSDEP) Phase I course and CWO-4 are to complete the Amphibious Warfare School Distance Education Program Phase II course.

- PME Requirements for Second Lieutenant and First Lieutenant

- Per MCO P1553.4, Lts are no longer required to complete Warfighting Skills, but are encouraged to enroll in the AWSDEP Phase I course.

- PME Requirements for Captain

- Per MCO P1553.4A, Captains can complete their PME by:
A. Attending the Resident EWS.
B. Attending another service resident CLS listed in Appendix B of MCO P1553.4. Officers participating in another service resident CLS must also complete AWSDEP PHASE I (8510) to be career level PME complete.
C. Completing the AWSDEP Phase I 8500 AND Phase II 8600. Completion of AWSDEP Phase I 8500 continues to be a prerequisite for enrollment in AWSDEP Phase II 8600. Due to the success of the C&SCDEP Seminar Program, The College of Continuing Education (CCE) has begun supporting officers enrolled in AWSDEP Phase II 8600 with seminars at major Marine Corps installations. Weekly seminars are led by qualified adjunct faculty to support the completion of AWSDEP Phase II 8600 in one Academic Year (OCT-JUN). Interested officers should contact the nearest CCE Regional Coordinator at the following internet address: WWW.MCU.USMC.MIL/CCE/CCE.HTM

- Do not confuse the CLS stages with the new AWSDEP Phases. Your monitor may use the term first stage of CLS to describe the fall record screening for the Amphibious Warfare School and the Command and Control Systems Course, and second stage of CLS to describe the spring record screening for other sister service CLS equivalent schools such as Advanced Infantry Officer Course, Aviation Officer Advanced Course, and Artillery Officer Advanced Course. See the section on School Selection Process - Career Level School (CLS).

- PME Requirements for Major

- MCO P1553.4A Professional Military Education (PME) of 27 Apr 00, requires attendance at the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, completion of Command and Staff College Distance Education Program (CSCDEP), 8800 series, or completion of another service Distance Education ILS program. Majors who completed another service equivalent resident school, fellowship, or Distance Education program are also required to complete the portion of CSCDEP , MAGTF Operations and Marine Corps Planning Process (8845) in addition to the equivalent resident school to meet equivalent PME requirements. The Naval War College Nonresident Program (Strategy and Policy, National Security Decision Making, and Joint Maritime Operations series), the Air Command and Staff College Associate Studies Program, and the Army Command and General Staff Corresponding Studies Program are identified as the additional available courses.

- See the Section on School Selection Process - Intermediate Level School (ILS).

- PME Requirements for Lieutenant Colonel

- MCO P1553.4A Professional Military Education (PME), states LtCols MAY attend a resident top level school (TLS), or complete an equivalent nonresident program. Currently, the Army War College Corresponding Studies Program and the Air War College Associate Studies Program are available as nonresident programs and qualify as TLS equivalents.

- Fellowships

- MCO 1520.28 of 20 Apr 95, Commandant of the Marine Corps Fellows Program, identifies available fellowships, which satisfy ILS or TLS PME requirements. The Order also announced some changes. It moved Mershon Center, Ohio State University from an ILS to a TLS equivalent fellowship. It designated Senior Level CMC Fellows TLS complete. Intermediate Level CMC Fellows receive ILS equivalence upon completion of the Command and Staff College Nonresident Program MAGTF/MCPP (8845) MMOA-3 at DSN 278-9284 or Com 703-784-9284, and MMOA-4 Officer Counseling at DSN 278-9281 or Com 703-784-9281 can offer some basic information on these fellowships. The current ILS equivalent fellowships are: Post Graduate Intel Program, TUFTS Fellowship and Penn State year out program.

-Officers interested in applying for fellowships, scholarships or grants (which are not PME equivalents), should contact the Graduate Education Officer, MMOA-5, at DSN 278-9284 or Comm 703-784-9284. These programs include the White House Fellowship, the Council of Foreign Relations, and the Legislative Affairs Fellowships.

- Selection to fellowships is part of the ILS or TLS Selection Board process.

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