Food on the go!
Submitted by: 1st Force Service Support Group
Story Identification Number: 20033415148
Story by Lance Cpl. Jeremy M. Vought

CAMP COYOTE, Kuwait(March 04, 2003) -- "Hot chow, hot chow." Ears perk up and bodies appear like hungry wolves. These aren't wolves though; they're the area guard on Camp Coyote and twice a day they know hot food will enter their stomachs.

Those Marines protecting the camp don't get the opportunity to eat in a field mess every day, so the field mess Marines and the area guard are working together to feed those Marines on guard.

Twice a day the area guard provides a HMMWV, rather a mobile field mess, so the Marines guarding the North and South Entry Control Points and also those Marines at the Assembly Area of Equipment can have a hot meal, rather than the usual Meal Ready to Eat.

Since mid-February, Lance Cpl. Timothy-Ryan Gaball, a mess deck supervisor for the Camp Iwo Jima field mess has been loading a HMMWV full of food and taking it out to the awaiting guard Marines and making a name for himself in the camp guard community.

"He's got a lot of energy, he really hooks us up with food," said Pfc. Jared C. Dumont, a supply clerk turned guard.

"My devil dogs look forward each day to Gaball coming out to bring them chow," said Master Sgt. Michael J. Levinson, 1st Sgt. of Security Company. "When someone else comes out, they all ask where he is," said the native of Temecula, Calif.

To Gaball, feeding Marines is not only a job but also a joy.

"After leaving for the night, I really feel good about what I'm doing," said the native of Worland, Wyo. "I like taking care of everyone."

Teamwork, a group of people working together to fulfill a set goal, sums up what security company and the Camp Iwo Jima field mess Marines are doing; filling the stomachs of the Camp Coyote area guard Marines with much needed and wanted hot food.