Rosie O'Donnell leaving `The View'
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    Rosie O'Donnell leaving `The View'

    NEW YORK -
    Rosie O'Donnell's stormy tenure on "The View" will be a short one. The opinionated host was unable to agree on a contract with ABC, and she'll leave the show in June.

    "My needs for the future just didn't dovetail with what ABC was able to offer me," O'Donnell said in a statement Wednesday.

    "This has been an amazing experience," she said, "and one I wouldn't have traded for the world."

    O'Donnell has helped raise the ratings for the daytime chat show invented by Barbara Walters. But her outspokenness has caused almost constant controversy, including a nasty name-calling feud with Donald Trump that placed Walters squarely in the middle.

    "I induced Rosie to come back to television on `The View' even for just one year," Walters said. "She has given the program new vigor, new excitement and wonderful hours of television. I can only be grateful to her for this year."
    Walters was frequently left to clean up the damage after O'Donnell. She did it most recently Monday, when O'Donnell was criticized for using bad language and attacking Rupert Murdoch from the dais of the annual New York Women in Communication awards luncheon.

    "I would like to point out that Rosie's view is not always mine," Walters said. "I would like to say for the record that I am very fond of Rupert Murdoch."
    In the Trump imbroglio, O'Donnell was reportedly mad that Walters did not come more swiftly to her defense, while Trump said Walters told him she didn't want O'Donnell on the show a claim Walters denied.

    Statements by public figures are being watched more closely in the post-Don Imus era. The lobbying group Focus on the Family said it was preparing to contact advertisers on "The View" as part of a campaign against O'Donnell. The group is angry at O'Donnell for comments they feel were insulting to Catholics.

    Despite controversy or maybe because of it O'Donnell was good business for ABC, owned by the Walt Disney Co. Ratings for "The View" during February sweeps were up 15 percent in key women demographics over the same time in 2006.

    Bill Carroll, an expert in the syndication market for Katz Television, said he'd be surprised if ABC didn't try hard to keep O'Donnell, given the attention she brought to the long-running show.

    The timing of the announcement doesn't particularly suit O'Donnell if she wants to remain in daytime television. She wouldn't be able to introduce a new program to the syndication market until September 2008, he said. But the company that produced O'Donnell's long-running daytime show has expressed interest in having her back, he said.

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    bout time they cut her fat a$$ loose!

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    A smarmy chubby with a big pie hole can often do exactly this: induce big ratings which will follow with big money even, as is often the case, she annoys the crap out of 90% of the world. This is all about the money just as the Imus firing was.

    By By Rosie, don't let the door slam your fat butt on the way out.

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    "I would like to point out that Rosie's view is not always mine," Walters said. "I would like to say for the record that I am very fond of Rupert Murdoch."
    Especially if you mights be asking him for a job next year! Whose idea was it to let a foreign national control a national network anyway?

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    The door missed

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    The door missed.....

    Whoa ma ma....roll that up in flour !

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    Baby got Butt!

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    Well, when she leaves "the View", she should just start making videos for the "Rosie O'Donnell Weight Gain System."
    She could just set up a video cam in her kitchen, and tape herself eating pizza, burgers, tacos, candy, pie, cookies, pepperoni, whole chickens, cake, dog food, chips, whole hams, pickles, bananas, SPAM, peas, ice cream, M&M's, soda, meatloaf, rice, carrots, hot dogs, milk, apples, turkey, calzones, sub sandwiches, cereal, beans, corned beef, popsicles, gum, ...(etc., etc. ad nauseum)
    Then she could just sit around on her huge a$$, looking fat and stupid.

    And the funny thing is....people would buy her tapes!


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    Where is the crazy wacko we need to take that fat ***** out.

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    Holy Sh*T! Was that Grimace ?

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    Rosie O' Donnell Closer to Solo Show

    Rosie O' Donnell will likely take her first steps toward returning to a solo talk show in the next four to six months.

    The contract that the controversial co-host of ABC's "The View" has with the network stipulates that she must first negotiate with a division of the Walt Disney Co. in good faith if she wants to strike out on her own with a new show, according to people familiar with the contract. Disney owns ABC.

    Those same sources said they are confident Ms. O'Donnell will trigger that clause by spring or summer.

    Attendees at the National Association of Television Program Executives conference this week in Las Vegas speculated that Ms. O' Donnell already had a handshake deal with Warner Bros. for a new show. A spokesman for Warner Bros. said there have been no negotiations. A spokesman for Endeavor, which represents Ms. O'Donnell, could not be reached for comment by press time.

    Still, if Ms. O' Donnell does leave "The View" for a show of her own, she has many connections to Warner Bros., suggesting she ultimately might land there. Hilary Estey McLoughlin, president of Warner's Telepictures Productions division, executive produced Ms. O'Donnell's popular 1990s syndicated talk show "The Rosie O'Donnell Show." Ms. O' Donnell likewise has longstanding ties with Jim Paratore, who was president of Telepictures when the division produced "Rosie," which Warners also distributed. Mr. Paratore now heads a Warner-based production company, ParaMedia, where he is producing upcoming news magazine "TMZ."

    Disney likely would fight to keep Ms. O' Donnell should she leave "The View," according to ABC insiders. Since she joined the daytime roundtable, ratings for the 10-year old show have grown by double-digit percentages and hit all-time highs. In recent weeks, Ms. O'Donnell's feud with Donald Trump has generated a round of press coverage for the show. The ABC insiders also said the contract with Ms. O' Donnell protects the network from losing the comedienne easily. An ABC spokesman declined to comment.

    Industry executives said a competitor to Disney or Warner could emerge in the pursuit of Ms. O' Donnell. CBS Television Distribution Group, which comprises the merged King World and CBS Paramount, could step in with an offer.

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    Quite simply, the show will die. The new one. She doesn't have enough 'star power' to hold a show on her own. I realize what the ratings say and all that......however, unless she continues to manufacture such things as the Trump feud (etc etc), any show done soley by her, for her, and including her wackjob leftwing political opinions will fail.

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    Rosie is an ignorant clown. She comes up with such stupidity even other liberals are embarassed by her mouth. That takes some doing, but she has managed.

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    Barbara's *****es will all fold .This show has lasted way past its prime. Never did like it. Only watched it if the tv was on after the judge show then I flipped the channel ASAP. If I didn't buy the tv and I didn't want to be put on the 5th floor I'd frag the tv when carpet munchkin comes on.

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    So long to bad rubish

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