Slimeball john walker lindh
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    Thumbs down Slimeball john walker lindh

    I sent this editoral in to the Tulsa World Newspaper today
    15 Jul 02 right after the slimeball got off with a light sentence for his tradiorist acts:

    > Subject: American Tratior
    > I see by todays federal court action that if a person or his family has
    > enough money that they can buy their way out of any capital offense charge
    > ie Treason. The american traitor john walker lindh admitted to the judge
    > that he picked up arms willingly to aid his new found friends the taliban
    > in their war against the United States and the rest of the free world and
    > as a result of his admission of guilt he was given a measly ten (10 year)
    > sentence for this act which under the Constitution is Treason. What I'd
    > like to know from Ashcroft and the other federal officials is how much
    > money did you get from his parents for not handing the tradiorist
    > slimeball the death pently?
    > What is this great country of our coming to let this slimeball john walker
    > lindh off with a mere 20 years in prison for his acts against the United
    > States. I served for 22 years in the Marine Corps and I hope that john
    > walker lindh likes his new home and his really neat friends in the federal
    > lock up, but what he really needs is a neck tie party for Treason.
    > Ray Lancaster GySgt USMC (ret)

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    calm down Gunny

    Gunnery Sergeant, calm down, I'm sure bubba and all of the other prisoners and guards at Leavenworth will give him a warm welcome and pleasurable blanket party shortly thereafter...


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    Thumbs up Good post Gunny

    I don't know but I think the goverment really thinks they
    can get information out of this nut about the Taliban.
    What a joke!!! I totally agree with you Gunny what kind
    of standards are we setting? That's okay to be a traitor
    because in the end it won't be so bad, infact it might
    be good because then the government can give me
    what I want if I talk...WHAT THE HECK IS THIS WORLD
    COMING TOO?!! Let's just hope he's taken care of
    inside...if you know what I mean.

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