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    Quote Originally Posted by SoftballCatch23 View Post
    This is what losing 80 pounds looks like - ALL FAT BODIES COME IN HERE!
    Thank you for the link, I want to post my before and after pics in there as well. I really love seeing what the USMC has done for people like myself. Get motivated and find a damn purpose in life.

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    His happy face made me laugh so hard for some reason. Fantastic job though!

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    Okay, that is total motivation for me. BUT DANG he was big!!!

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    It's really sad my little brother looks just like that first picture - he's 14 - hopeful he'll follow in his big sis and big bro's footsteps and get some motivation to get healthy soon... maybe he'll be a Marine one day...

    (Wouldn't that be rad - if my mom raised three kids and all three of us turned out to be Marines - not just two )

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    RE: KatJohns: Hopefully he will be a Marine But, sadly it does not always turn out that way. My family is military, but my sister is like totally against the military life.

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    That is awesome!!!! Super motivating!

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    I'm in pretty good shape, but still great motivation!!

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