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    What barracks is that picture taken at Accord?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgsuwoody
    What barracks is that picture taken at Accord?

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    accord how long were you at boot camp did you spend time in PCP? ive been working hard for the past month or so ive lost about 15 pounds and have another ten more to pass the run and crunch standards by far i have problems with pull ups what do you reccomend?

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    Damn!, this is great motivation!!!

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    Wow, talk about some motivation. I've got a little over 2 months til' ship and I'm 6'1 235. I was beginning to doubt if I'd be able to make weight before my ship date, but after seeing those pictures, now I know if i can keep up my workouts I can do it. My biggest problem though is my eating. I eat my fruits and veggies, but i have trouble trying to limit the other stuff (or eating before bedtime).

    Damn good job Accord, this great inspiration for me and the rest of the fat bodies out there wanting to earn the title Marine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArielsMarine View Post
    Hey thanks for the advice! I went out an got a Diet/Workout organizer from GNC and I bought a cheap scale from Lowes, it only goes to 20lbs but I figured it would be good enough!! lol! Not planning on eating 20lbs! Anyways.... this is an example of my first day on the Diet, please lemme know what I need to fix or if I need to just continue with it??

    Thursday August 23,2007
    Morning Run- 1 Mile around the High School track in 18:32min
    ** One pack of Oatmeal, 130 Calories per pack.
    ** Bottle of Water, No Calories
    **2 Bananas medium size, at 85 calories per Banana
    ** Bottle of Water, No CAlories
    --Evening Run--1 mile around Track at 18:45min
    ** 4oz of Grilled Chicken Breast, 110 Calories per 4oz
    ** 1 1/2 cups of mixed vegis, 35 Calories per 3/4 cup
    ** 1 Diet Pepsi, 0 Calories per can

    TOTAL CALORIES EATEN: 465 Calories
    TOTAL CALORIES BURNT: unknown, I dont know how to convert how many IVe burned in my exercises?

    So if anyone has any comments, and if anyone knows how many calories I burnt by working out please let me know! because I have no clue! again thanks for all the help and I look forword to hearing from you!

    Uh, no Pop from here out. Just drink water and a lot of it and you'll loose weight. Also try having more protein like tuna is a really good and somewhat cheap source.
    good luck

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    ArielsMarine: this may be partially the former powerlifter in me coming out, but 465 Calories per day?!?!!? Are you high? You're body is going to go catabolic so fast it'll make your head spin (literally) Eat protein, it won't kill you. Keeping a high protein and low carb diet is going to make any extended exercise excruciating at first, but you will see great gains. Caffeine is bad with this though, your kidneys are taxed enough with the huge amounts of protein they don't need caffeine in there too.

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    This is some awsome motovation!!!

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    White, we don't rate to use that word, so refrain from using it or you will get your brown eye torn out.

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    One of the most disrespectful things you can do is use terms and jargon from groups of which you do not belong. At this point, "oorah" means nothing to either you or I. It will remain that way until we earn our EGA. Until then, consider it a word that you don't know what it means. Remember what momma always said? "Don't say things if you don't know what it means"

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    Alright lemme dig into my photos and show some before and after pics.

    Here is what I looked like in April 2006...I was at 250 pounds at that time....mind you I joined on June 6th 2006 and Shipped out June 20th.....I'm on the left by the way.

    This is my boot camp portrait I'm showing this one because it was taken mid July of 2006 and mind you I wasnt done with Boot Camp yet. This shows how far I came in such little time. You can definitly see a difference. I set foot on the island weighing 236 left it weighing 170.

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    I'm going to have to cut about 15 lbs for wrestling, this thread was very useful.

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    Very motivating.... I can't stop smiling.... not a poolee yet but will be soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drock54 View Post
    accord how long were you at boot camp did you spend time in PCP? ive been working hard for the past month or so ive lost about 15 pounds and have another ten more to pass the run and crunch standards by far i have problems with pull ups what do you reccomend?

    I recommend doing this 2 hours straight everyday:
    It burns more calories than you think.

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