Boot Camp Footwear
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    Boot Camp Footwear

    One thing that I have heard alot about is that people get alot of blisters, sore feet from all the marching. I'm going to be doing some long marches before I go in so I wanted to see if anyone knew what kind of boots are worn in BootCamp? Where can you buy them? Thanks

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    We've answered this within your last post.

    You can find boots at a surplus store. You will get blisters and sore feet regardless of whether you train for it or not. The boots that you will be issued will need breaking in, not your feet.

    Continue to train in PT gear and you will be fine for boot camp.

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    You will be issued two pairs of boots made by either Danner's or Belleville's depending on your foot type. You'll get ICB's (cold weather, waterproof boots) and you'll get jungle boots.

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