Freedom Hill PX - DaNang
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    Freedom Hill PX - DaNang

    Who remembers the Freedom Hill PX near the airstrip at Danang? Stationed on hill 327 about 20 miles south of Danang we could occasionally grab a truck and ride into Danang and experience this cool place. Red Cross building with round eyed donut dollies, hamburgars, beer, movies, Hong Kong suits. Many good memories of this place.
    3/7 67/68

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    Remember it well! It was still a good place to go in 70 - 71, even for us air wingers!!!

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    Lots of beer drinking at that place. You could always find a Army officer going in and he would bring back some good whiskey for you.

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    January 1969,freedom hill 7 miles SW of Danang hill 10,3/7 WPN PLT Mike Company.!!!!

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    I remember it well also it was at the foot off Hill-327. I spent many sundays trucking Marines to the PX and Beer Garden there. Had more than a few there myself and even met one of my drill instructors there. The thing that I remember the most about the beer garden is that it was huge and always full of service personel from all branches and we all had to check our weapons in at the door. Also a great place to appropriate a new jeep or 5 ton from the Army to give the mechanics something to paint MC green and put new TAC marks on.


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    AHHHH, the BEER GARDEN, the bowling alley, the ----er-----well yeah. hell yeah! MWGS-17 WERS-17 DaNang 1969-1970, 1st MAW! Right on the other side of DOGPATCH! Those were the days!

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    Ricko, Mike Co. Wpn Plt. 68-70 3/7 Capt. Van Ripper's Raiders

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    by davblay - the ----er-----well yeah. hell yeah!
    Ahhh did you mean to say the steam and cream?


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    I just couldn't find the right words, but yeah, that's it! Ooo-Rah

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    Semper Fi


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    jinelson++++++++++++++Have you ever wondered how meany army trucks, jeeps. water buffalo, 20 kw generaters, rifles, 45's and any thing else that we could get our hands on ended up as Marine gear?

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    I know I got my Company's share lol and that number had to be astrononmical lol!


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    H&S Comm 3/7/1 12-68--12-69. Spent s little time with Mike and with India



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    Spent a lot time there in 68/69,,,,, C 1/7

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    In Nam with C 1/7 - 2nd Plt. 1st Sqd. Hit three times. After my second time I went to a navel hospital in Japan for three months. When I got back the 7th Marines moved up to Phu Bai and that is when we got our asses kicked a little bit. Wound three sent me back to THE WORLD. SEMPER FI AND WELCOME HOME.


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