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    MCT training

    My Son Jeff went into MCT training march 11th. We did not recieve any word from him yet. Do the soldiers have the privlage of a phone call in the next three weeks or do we have to wait till he gets to his tech school.

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    As I said in the earlier post, MCT isnt bootcamp. They'll have the occasional weekend liberty, on base, and should have most evenings free. Give him a few days to get settled and squared away, he'll call.

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    Not to go against you Testforecho.. But back when I was in MCT we only had weekend libo on the last sunday there 2 days before graduation... and nights were not free..

    I got one phone call half way through it because I scorede 100% on a test.. other then that I had to wait to get to my MOS School

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    Lcpl, I went through back in 93. I remember having weekend libo every weekend, as long as our field days were good. Just about every evening we werent training, we had to ourselves. We had to stay in the MCT area, but we could go to the commisary, hangout in the huts, as long as we didnt leave the general area, we could do what ever we wanted.


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    No, Capitano is right, I went through MCT in 2006 and we deffinately did not get evenings off. The only libo we got was on Sundays and that was it. The evenings were used to play games. And, if your son has a cell phone he will be able to use on Sundays. That is probably when he will call.

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    Well, looks like I stand corrected. They were much freer with our time and liberty back when I went through. Sounds like they have tightened it up a bit.

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    When I went through it was called Infantry Training Regiment (ITR) and we communicated with our families through a little system called the US Mail. We only had Sunday liberty and nights were pretty busy with classes and uniform/782 gear maintenance. Cell phones? Whaddat? And don't even think of calling home long distance unless you were paying for it - bring lots of change.

    My family knew they wouldn't hear from me for about 10-days after I returned from leave, and longer when I went overseas.

    Even when I was a sergeant I only called home maybe once every couple of months - and only when stateside.

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    Oh, not to get toooooo awfully picky here, but LittleSol, the proper term is Marine, not soldier. I don't believe your son is a 'soldier', and he would probably be unhappy to be referred to as such

    He'll call sooner or later. Believe me, he's got alot going on right now. Listen to the other Marines who've Been There, Done That (BTDT). They will give you the right scoop.

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    Hey, if you went throught after 1999 and were at MCT East Coast, Gigher (sp) Tigers then you have seen some of my handywork, I built the two K-spans out at Camp Devildog, ran electricity for them too! Just a note. We loved when it rained, we would fall off them several times!

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