Hi everyone. My son is currently deployed in Fallujah. His humvee was hit by an IED about a month ago, (he is the gunner) and he and another marine were injured. Thankfully, they both made a full recovery and are both back with their units. My son was first treated in Fallujah, then choppered out to Balad. I search daily for news of our men there..every marine site, OIF, even the Camp Fallujah site for 1/25 EVER has info on Weapons Co. I am so frustrated. What is up with that?? Does anyone have any insight? There was never any mention ever, of this accident, and I believe there were innocent Iraqis killed. Why does WPNS Co. get overlooked?? upset mom here, just wanting to see anything about my son's unit.

Anyone have any pictures, know of any websites for Camp Baharia, blogs, etc. specific to Wpns? Thanks for listening.