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    News and Information for WW2 Veteran

    Hello to all you Marines, My name is Les Palmer and i work as a Chef in an Aged Care Facility here in Brisbane, Australia. One of our Residents here is an Ex-Marine (Gunnery Sgt ) who fought at Peleliu and i think Iwo Jima during WW2. His name is Henry Boyes and he is also a recipient of the Silver Star. The reason i am writing this is to see if any Marines serving or ex or even Sgt Leatherneck would be able send Henry via e-mail or mail any news or literature concerning the Marine Corps, i am sure Henry would really appreciate this. The E-mail adress is and the mailing adress is Regis The Gap 6 Kilbowie Street, The Gap 4061, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
    Thank you
    Les Palmer

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    Semper Fi to Marine in Australia

    Semper Fi Henry,

    I read Les Palmer's email and thought you might like a hello from a fellow Marine from Iwo Jima. I served with the 4th MarDiv, Hdq Co, 3rd Bn, 24th Marines as a wireman. My job was to keep the communication hard wire telephone lines open between the company on line and an 81mm mortar platoon.
    Be sure to get Les to somehow have the two new Clint Eastwood movies shown at your place. I liked the Letters from Iwo Jima best. What a film. Flags of our Fathers was OK but not as good.
    I'm 81 in May still ride my bike (did 2000 road miles in 2007) and have been lucky in health. Although I did have a heart valve replaced after a stroke last year.
    Keep going old buddy, there are not too many WWII guys left around to talk to each other.
    Semper Fi,
    Lou DiPaolo

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    Thanks very much for your reply Lou and will pass info onto Henry for you.

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    Recently I read the book by E. B. Sledge, Wild Breed, because my uncle Lyman Dale Rice was in the same Marine unit - K-3-5. I would love to correspond with Mr. Boyes. Maybe even learn some information about my relative.

    Your post was in 2007 - just found it today.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Is Gunnery Sergeant Henry Boyes still around? My name is Matt Webb and I am the grandson to Richard Van Trump, who fought in WwII at Peleliu. He passed away on 1-14-14. My Mother was going through his things this weekend and found a picture of Henry Boyes. I was trying to locate him and see if he could tell me anything about my Grandfather.

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