Sniper Show on History
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    Talking Sniper Show on History

    I have to say that was one good show. Hats off to your British Marine brothers across the pond because they look really squared away. Additionally those Russian women that served as snipers one word, outstanding. One took out over 300 Nazis.

    Just thought I'd share!

    Kudos later Marines!

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    How about a time, date, etc. It'll be on again. Post that so we know when to look for it.

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    History Channel: 9:00 PM ET/PT tonight, tomorrow night, Friday night.

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    Thank you KTriplett. Yer gettin good with that initiative ****!

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    No problem. Sounded interesting, so I checked out the times. Saw your post while it was still in my head...

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    Carlos Hathcock

    Gunny Hathcock is the reason I am joining the Marines, The show didnt do him a lot of credit. If you want a good read go to your book store and pick up Marine sniper, or Silent warrior; both about Hathcock. I have that whole sniper series on the History channel taped plus the history of the m16 Im sure i might be able to make some copies and send them out if you guys pay for the tape and shipping.

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    Gunny Hathcock was the speaker at our graduation in sniper school. Just wish he could have stayed around a bit longer. He truly left his mark on myself and is an Icon in the dark world of the Marine Sniper.

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