DODEA Outlines Safety Plans
In case of war or some other event that heightens security, the Department of Defense Dependent Schools says it is ready, with plans to put an additional adult and a global positioning system on school buses.

Federal Laws Give Mobilized Soldiers Peace of Mind
Inquiries about federal laws that give financial relief to mobilized troops have doubled in recent months.

Increased GI Bill Benefits Benefit Servicemembers and Veterans
Increases in GI Bill benefits, along with the $300 million in scholarship money designated for military personnel and grants from individual military-friendly schools, provides servicememembers and veterans with even more options for pursuing their undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Marine Corps Initiates Stop Loss and Stop Move Policies
The Marine Corps has initiated Stop Loss and Stop Move policies in order to stabilize the Corps' manpower to meet the needs of unscheduled deployments in support of operational requirements.

Sperm Bank Deposits Are Your Personal Business
Some news media are running stories about men in uniform opening accounts in sperm banks in case they're deployed and come home infertile or worse.

TRICARE Standard Inpatient Rates Increase Slightly
The TRICARE Standard diagnosis-related group (DRG) daily rate for most civilian non-mental health hospital admissions has increased to $417, up from $414 last year.