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    Request Permission to come aboard

    Hello gentleman I am PFC Smycz i Graduated bootcamp on Nov.8 2006 out of !st Bn. Delta CO. Plt. 1039. I am Currently Station out of Marine Corps Detachment Ft. Knox KY. i am in tanker school there. I am Requesting Permission to join you on these forums.

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    [CENTER]Permission Granted!

    Welcome Aboard Marine YoungBuck!

    No better friend/No worse enemy

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    Guest Free Member
    Welcome Aboard Marine! We can always use a young tanker. Semper Fi!

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    Welcome Aboard Marine. Semper Fi and Carry On

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    welcome aboard,Marine

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    Welcome aboard Marine. I spent some time over at Ft. Knox, but it was freakin' winter and cold. You'll get some good training though.

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    welcome anoard Leatherneck

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    welcome aboard devil pup

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    Welcome Aboard Hard Charger !!!!!!!!!!!
    Excellent Profile!!! Go get em young buck!!!!!!!!!!

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    Welcome Aboard. Be number one out of the class and show the doggies what a Marine can do.

    Semper Fi

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