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Thread: Marines in Nam

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    group supply at mwsg-17
    sept 68- oct 69

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmarineab View Post
    1st Marine Division 3rd MAF Cap Unit 1969-1970 I was in Da Nang and Cross Roads. I welcome fellow Marine responses.
    Looking for CapMarines who were in III MAF 3rd CAG...Cpl Ronald L. Wright KIA March 1968. Trying to put together his profile on another sight. If anyone has any info on websites to search, please let me know...

    Semper Fi

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    I was in Vietnam from 1968-1969 with FLSG-A at Phu Bi then move to FLC Danang in January 1969.

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    I was with FLAS-A from 1968-1969

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    [quote=karen8857;587327]I was with FLAG-A

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    Was there in 68,69
    1/5 H& S Co. 81 Mortars

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    I was there also

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge05 View Post
    Hi! Semper fi Marines. I was EgnrMaintCo, MaintBn, 1st FSR/FLC from Nov. 69 to Oct. 70. Any Marines that was in this unit in this time frame sure would like to chat with you. My name is C. Wayne Lafitte. My MOS at that time in nam was 3211. Take care and God bless.
    I was with 1st FSR/FLC 70-71. Came back from LZ Baldy in Sept70 from FLSG-B. MTM Co. Maint. Bn until they rotated back to the US and then HQ/H&S Bn FLC. I remember Maint BN alright. Remember the laundry next to the generators on the main road?

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    Looking for anyone who was in my platoon in boot camp Plt 358 San Diego 1964!Landed in the nam mar 8, 1965 12th marines

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    12th Marines

    Quote Originally Posted by crzyjrry View Post
    Looking for anyone who was in my platoon in boot camp Plt 358 San Diego 1964!Landed in the nam mar 8, 1965 12th marines
    I was in plt 336 1964 SD. You landed with I Battery 3/12 and 3/4. I landed with Whiskey 3/12 and 1/4 on 7 May 1965.

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    Jan 1967 to 1969, 1/1/1

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    DAI DO MAY 68

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    Villiages -- left side of DaNang's Hill 327; DaNang Main PX issues

    Does anyone have memory or information concerning the massacres of the orphans at the villages on the left side of DaNang’s hill 327 during and around the month of November 1965? Or, the death of the young female street orphan at the main PX in DaNang in the Spring or early Summer of 1966. General Walt mentioned the massive orphan incident in his 1980 interview for his publication the 11th Hour. I am under PTSD review for the 3rd massacre by the VA. For decades I have carried bits and pieces of which is now an amnesia issue. The PX matter I fairly clearly remember, but would appreciate more investigative information to clear my mind.

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    Comm Center Platoon
    Mwcs-1, Mwhg-1
    1st Maw (at Dogpatch)

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    3rd RCN 1968-1969
    Chu Lai and surrounding

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    Hawk 1

    Quote Originally Posted by Zulu 36 View Post
    Then you were at Bien Hoa when I was. I was a Motor T man in VMA-211 (technically the CO's driver, but I did everything else but drive him).
    I was in Bien Hoa, 72 with the VMA- 211, near the air Field, May 5th to August 5 72. I came out of Iwakuni. Worked in HQ but went off base to handle security at night....because there wasn't any! Handled Pay Call on August 1, when we got hit with rockets, everyone still got paid.

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