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    Searching for Marines detached to the USS Coral Sea CVA-43 from 71-73

    I was the drummer in the Coral Sea band, guest dj on the ships radio station, operated the Marine Corps press room, honor guard, brig guard, and other functions. I am trying to reach anyone in my detail or on ship that remembers me during my tour of duty. Thank you.

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    Just love it when that type gets outed. semper Fi bro.

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    Looking for Marines who were in Vietnam, Hotel 2/3, 2nd platoon during 1967 thru 1969.

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    Jan 1968-Dec 1969 had excitement in Hue, Phu Bai, Dong Ha, Qang Tri, Khe Sahn and LZ Stud providing comms for air support from MAW

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    I was in E/2/13 when I went to VietNam as part of RLT 27 in Feb 1968. Our first location was at Hill 55 finger 5 but we spent time at Liberty Bridge and then in some rice paddy a few miles from Hill 55. I know there was an old Railroad bridge near us.
    Then when RLT 27 returned to the States in August 1968, I was transferred to C/1/12. We were at Camp Carrol, C4 and various LZs near the DMZ.

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