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    Desert Storm Vet here! It's hard to believe it's been that many years ago already! 2nd SRIG!
    Who remembers the "Sonic Boom!" at AL Jubayl? That SOB would have woken the Dead! How about the SCUD that killed those Army Personnel at Dhahran? Here's one more: "The Highay of Death!" all I can say is "UNREAL!" I still remember that! Loud noises aren't for me anymore, that about did it there! I still wake up in the middle of the night hearing those noises!
    I don't run into to many GW1 vets!
    I guess our time is up, forgotten like all the other wars!
    Maybe Deserted Storm? We should have went all the way back then, oh well!
    Maybe one day my arms will stop breaking out in a bad rash, from that crap over there, and maybe one day I won't have anymore nightmares! Whattya do?
    Take Care Brothers,
    Semper Fi!

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    Cool We Don't Forget Our Own


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    Looks like the perfect thread for my first post. I was with A Co. 4th Tank Bn. attatched to 3/5 on the USS Mount Vernon. The only party I remember was the rice party we threw in Bangladesh on the way home (Operation Sea Angel).

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    Old freinds

    Just found this site. I was also in Charlie Co. 8th engineers. Hello to Sgt. Hopper. I Think I remember seeing you around.

    Ssgt. Lemley. I Have often wondered how you are, and wanted to thank you and your wife for standing in my wedding. Are you still in touch with any of the others from those days?

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    Yeah, we're still around. Thanks for starting the thread though.

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    Hecla ( Ironton ) OH.
    Good to hear from so many. Hello Cpl Cox...

    Keep the ball rolling!

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    3rd TKBN AT/TOW Co
    Task Force Ripper

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    2nd Bn, 3rd Marines
    Comm Plt.
    Task Force Taro
    In Country Jan 91-Apr 91

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    Quote Originally Posted by mark king
    no sir
    You know, that's why I love this website.

    Sir, it was your reply of "no, sir" that got me in touch with Cpl Romei's family once again.

    His MIA date is coming up (Oct 8, 1990), and his sister Susie (hey, no jokes on that one, nasties!) googled his name recently and found leatherneck.com and the post I placed last May. So, she PMs me, and I just got off the phone with her - damn, the last time I saw her, she was in elementary school! She's a mom with kids now and in her 30's (I'm almost 40 so she shouldn't feel bad!).

    She really loves her brother, and the fact that one of our own, one of our brother Marines, has not come back, has not diminished the fact that the Marine Corps lives forever, even if one devildog does not come back.

    So, you see, you can never give up, and even if you think you should, you can get blind-sided with a reality check.

    An old junior high school classmate and a brother Marine won't ever be forgotten. I just got lucky and got to tell his sister that I became a Marine because of him. Carry the f*** on, Marines.

    Sgt gw

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    MALS-11 Ordnance, Sheik Isa Air Base, Bahrain..........Good times, great Marines, many memories!

    Too many stories.....the one about the MP's OIC finding our buried Coor's party ball is one of the most memorable though!

    I was a LCpl, was called 'Sweet Cheeks' by our CO, LtCol John J. Moyer......don't ask (and no pervs, it's not what you're thinkin')

    SSgt Campbell......What's that freakin' red ring around your face?

    "I fell asleep with my gas mask on.............shut the F*%k up Roof and stop laughing" Ahhhhhh, the memories!


    SSgt Dave Roof
    MALS-42 Ordnance
    NAS Atlanta

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    Long Island, New York
    Mag-50, 5th MEB, Tanajib, Saudi Arabia - Kuwait International Airport - Gator boxes in the Gulf - Operation Sea Angel, Bangladesh. It was only supposed to be a three hour tour, a three hour tour.

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    Cold Steel 1/6

    I served with cold steel 1/6 during the storm. I have only managed to contact 4 marines from my plt. What a ride it was. I had the pleasure of hitting some bunkers and built up areas. Tip of the spear. Semper Fi.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtHopperUSMC
    I also was the NCOIC of the AT&T call center for a few weeks.
    Man, during that time, I wish I had met you. That place was a god send!!!!

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    I was with HQ Co 2nd LAI Bn 2nd MarDiv. Me and another Cpl ran our forward maint. support. If the line co. mechs couldn't fix it, it came to us, if we couldn't fix it, it went on to the rear.

    I remember 2 of our vehicles got it going throught the mine field. A 5-ton and an LAV. We had to be light concious, and we were under that LAV with a welder trying to cut off the broken bits!! He'd strike an arc and you could see for miles!!

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    I was with 2nd Recon in Khafji when the war started and was attached to a United Nations Security Forces which consisted of French Foreign Legionnaires and some special ops from the Army, and we ran acros alot of Marines and Army that resupplied us with water, food and ammo. I still keep in contact with few of the guys. Some guys I knew have that Gulf War Syndrome, but I never had any symptoms. But who the hell knows from all the chemicals we were exposed to and the untested medicines they made us take!

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