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    I was with Ripper into the city. We stopped just short of the air port. GOOD to see you. sgtwagner

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    Gulf War Illness

    My name is Brad Crouse and I was with 1/7 Motor T and part of Task Force Ripper. Please look at these links and feel free to join and add comments.



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    I was with F 2/14 (reserve arty). We got attached to 3/10 for the war. We supported the Army's Tiger Brigade. On "Hell Night" we were the only unit that got moved into position for the entire Battalion. We fired over 400+ rounds that night, all night long. We covered every mission for the Battalion. That was the night that the Republican Guard was counter attacking. Our FO's reported back that we had direct hits on tanks, trucks, and bunkered troops. We didn't sleep for days and were always at MOPP level 2.

    Thanks to all the engineers that cleared out firing positions for us. Truely appreciated.

    Thanks to the knuckle headed chopper pilot that landed in our position, scaring the chit out of us during the late evening hours.

    Thanks to the psyops guys from 6th Marines that snuck up on us, thinking we were Iraqies. Luckily nobody was hurt during our firefight.

    I still wake up hearing someone yelling "gas...gas...gas" or "FIRE MISSION".

    I just got my rating of 30% for PTSD. Filing my appeal. They deferred all my other symptoms, pain in legs, shoulder, and chronic sinus infections. I get flashbacks smelling diesel, diesel exhaust, or fresh asphalt. Of course all the other PTSD symptoms, like the paranoia, clearing the house in the middle of the night. The stress related irritable bowel syndrome... etc.

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    I don't know if anyone still reads this forum, but a group of Seabee's were building an addition to our Mess facilities. In fact it was our bake shop. Later when the push moved forward into Kuwait, our camp took over the Seabee one that was next to us, and we ran the Chow hall there. We were 2nd LSB.

    This was up at Mishab. And we too started out at Jabail and then to Mishab. That's where our unit split, some moved forward while the rest of us stayed at the Seabee camp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtHopperUSMC View Post
    I believe some of us were just stating feelings that we can not talk to anyone else about. If a guy says he feels like we didnt do enough to stop it then thats his feelings. We did all we were asked to do. The plan was free Kuwait... We did it... It was not a game. An old vet asked me once if I saw the white elephant. Did you? The night before the fight is always the same no matter what the war. Same gut wrenching feelings/excitement. Same letters being written. It looked like Hell on the horizon. We made it through. Some had it worse than others. We did it together. It was well planned and led by some great leaders.
    This cook/baker certainly feels the same as mentioned, regardless whether a war is a war. And to be honest I didn't think there were others out there who felt this way. Especially the guys who actually saw the action.

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    My Unit had to clean tanks after the war. 8th Tanks. I suggested sandblasting them to the bare metal. We has the sand. You might remember me. My Hummer was last in the paint booth. the painters rand out of sand color, so they painted mine Bright White. Dubbed the White Rhino.

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    Semper Fi Marines!

    Just to let you know. I service in Operation Desert Shield and Storm for 1st FSSG, CSSD-131, Supply Logistics. I went over in Aug. 1990 to Saudi Arabia (Al Jabaal). A month later, I was sent with my Corporal "Cruz" to the Island of Bahrain to setup a Issue Supply Point from scratch to help support the air wing units (cannot remember the name of it now, but it was the southern tip of the Island). I stayed there till Jan. 1991, then went back to Saudi Arabia (Al Jabaal) until Mar. 1991, then was shipped home. I didn't see any action, except for the scud missile alerts all night long - every night, and an alertness for terrorists. Did have a job to carry out though and I carried out what I needed to to help my other brothers. I was glad to finally get back to the states. I was honorably discharged in June 1992 and have been all over California, Colorado, and Oregon. I have a wonderful family and have recently graduated from College in Business.
    I hope and pray for all you other Marines (current and former) everyday for safety and good guidance.
    Again, Semper Fi Leathernecks!

    Sean Kirby
    6/88 - 6/92

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    2nd platoon India Co. 3/5. Almost missed Desert Storm-EAS 1-14-91 but thanks to stop loss I got to go at the last minute. I guess I jinxed myself into it. Aug.2 1990 stopped in Alaska to refuel on our way home from 6 months on the Rock. Saw the news in the termal t.v. that Saddam had invaded Kuwait. I was SHORT and started busting my buddies balls. HAHA no leave for you guys- you'll be heading to the Stumps for CAX training, not me I am heading to 1st Civ Div. My exact quote was "I'll NEVER have to deploy anywhere I am too short." Yeap, Never say Never.

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    Just found this site today. Gulf war vet here, C company 1st tank bn, 1st mar. div. camp pendelton. They were moving to 29 palms as I was getting out. Can't believe it's been 18 yrs. memories still very vivid about the time I spent in that desert. Lots of memories, some good more bad but hey, Semper Fi

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    Welcome M60 Tanker. I am a newbie to the site also. My platoon was attached to a reserve tank unit out of San Diego during the war. Added alot of confidence to us grunts riding around in thin skinned Amtracks in case we ran across a T-72. Semper Fi brother.

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    Thanks Pigpen, Tankers were always ready and willing to do whatever we could for our fellow marines. I still felt a little guilty every time we rolled past you guys and couldn't give you a ride. I just re-read my post and realized I said 18 years, when in fact it has been 22 years, wow time does fly.

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    Yeah we'er getting OLD my friend.

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    I was with 2nd LSB. I was a cook at Jubayl then Mashab! I went back home in May (iirc) so seperate in June (I was already way past my EAS at that point). I haven't seen or heard from anyone I served with sine I left. I got out, moved to Miami and then Hurricane Andrew hit. I saw my fellow "red patchers" in Homestead helping with the clean up in the newspaper (specifically, there was a picture of Sgt. Dawson-Gayle in the paper). Would have loved to see them again and thank them for that, but getting around in that mess was really tough at the time. Semper Fi brother, hope you are doing well.

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    Hi There, I knew Tim very well,he was my best friend. We met up in Memphis went to pensicola and then ouy to pendelton and over to the rock and P.I. that when he started his aircrew training.actually it started back in pendelton when I started my aircrew training.everyday after work we go over everything I learned.i got out in jan 89 and tim slip in my spot.whould really love to hear for all my buddies.miss you guys, still regret getting out.

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    With Maritime Prepositioning Ships at Al Jubail. Delivering the goods. 8 months there, civilian capacity. Marine Corps Maintenance Contractor, former USMC honorable discharge.

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