You Might Be A Jarhead If........
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    Cool You Might Be A Jarhead If........

    You Might Be a Jarhead If…

    1. You've ever used the term "Oohrah" in any context other than sarcasm.
    2. Your dream home is base housing.
    3. You've ever rolled pennies to buy beer on a weeknight.
    4. You've ever sold blood to buy beer.
    5. You've ever financed a tattoo.
    6. You met your wife at a strip joint.
    7. You and your roommate share the same woman.
    8. Your kid has a high & tight.
    9. You still have your full basic issue.
    10. Your boot polish doesn't come out of a bottle.
    11. Your cammies have more starch than your potatoes.
    12. You refer to McDonald's food as "chow."
    13. You've ever bought your girlfriend a "bag nasty."
    14. You've ever read your 'Battle Skills' book for fun.
    15. You still know all your General Orders.
    16. You refer to E-2s as "My PFC," or "Young Devil Dog."
    17. You call your friends "Devil Dog."
    18. Your #1 credit reference is DPP.
    19. You think your military training is seriously worth college credit.
    20. Your picture is outside the Career Planner's office.
    21. You have whitewalls on your head, but not your car.
    22. You don't drink on duty section.
    23. You have a star on your good cookie.(OR EVEN HAVE ONE!)
    24. You consider going to the Roadhouse a night on the town.
    25. You think that officers fly planes because they are too stupid to work on them.



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    You Might Be A Jarhead if... Continued

    Here's the rest of 'em for ya, drifter... SF

    26.You still know the words to the "Marine's Hymn."
    27.You say things are 'good to go,' or 'outstanding.'
    28.You haven't been laid in over a year.
    29.Your favorite game is Spades.
    30.You think stuff like this should be done on your own time.
    31.You still imitate your drill instructors.
    32.You do MCIs to better yourself.
    33.You call cadence to yourself.
    34.You get your haircut at the 7-Day Store.
    35.You've ever given a period of instruction.
    36.You've ever locked anybody on.
    37.You use CLP as cologne.
    38.You use Aqua Velva aftershave.
    39.You iron your coveralls.
    40.You have a dog named "Chesty."
    41.You have a blues cover in the back window of your car.
    42.You've ever done anything for love of Corps.
    43.You display your rank on the windshield of your car.
    44.You press your cammies an hour after you get them from the cleaners.
    45.You think the Air Force is nasty.
    46.You have a subscription to 'Leatherneck Magazine.'
    47.You use the term "hard charger" on a subject other than batteries.
    48.You think your unit doesn't PT enough.
    49.You think Motrin cures things.
    50.You wear your dogtags to the beach.
    51.You've ever worked on a Harrier and truly wanted to fix it.
    52.You still use any drill instructor cliches.
    53.You've ever been on a 3-day work detail picking up dead fish by hand out of a rancid lake under the hot August sun in Iwakuni. (You know who you are, stay strong my brothers.)
    54.All your underwear still has your laundry number on it.
    55.You stencil your name on your jeans.
    56.You refer to regular clothes as 'civvies.'
    57.You've ever ironed your sheets for field day.
    58.You practice rifle manual with a swab.
    59.You get your hair cut once a week.
    60.You've been to Whisper Alley.
    61.You've ever worn out an ironing board.
    62.You hang your dirty laundry from the foot of your bed.
    63.More than half of your wardrobe was purchased at the PX.
    64.You "quarter-deck" your kids.
    65.You practice line training on your wife.
    66.You argue with people about whether Paris Island or San Diego was better.
    67.You refer to your SNCOIC as 'Daddy.'
    68.You've ever called someone off leave for an up gripe.
    69.You use your seabag as luggage when you go on leave.
    70.You have a picture of the Commandant in your room.
    71.You wear your wooly pully with Levis.
    72.You wear your all weather coat with regular clothes (or civvies).
    73.The horn on your car plays the 'Marine Hymn.'
    74.Your picture is outside the PX.
    75.You've ever starved until dinner because you woke up too late to go to the chow hall.
    76.You pick up a woman in a bar and she takes you to base housing.
    77.You stay there. (refer to #76)
    78.You have the misconception that you can kick someone's ass because they're in the Navy.
    79. You've ever suggested that your unit goes on a hump.
    80.You've ever gone to a bar or dance club in your blues.
    81.You seriously think that your GI Bill will pay for your college education.
    82.You've ever slept with a WM.
    83.You take your 782 gear camping.
    84.You found CPL School motivating.
    85.You can be found in 'Shaboom's' or 'Texas Two Step' every weekend. OR (WHISKEY
    86.You like 'Tun Tavern' Beer.
    87.You have a camouflage comforter on your bed.
    88.You keep MREs around just in case you get hungry.
    89.You go to the chow hall to meet women.
    90.You think people should be court-martialed for running into a building to avoid colors.
    91.You've ever had razor burn on your head.
    92.You signed the Chesty Puller stamp petition.
    93.You've ever used the term 'very well' in normal conversation.
    94.You call cadence during sex.

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    Cool You might be a Jarhead If....

    Thanks for the completion of the post........Barrio_rat.....



    Graphic created by Fontman......

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    Post More

    95. If your civilian clothing has an Eagle, Globe and Anchor on it.
    96. If you need a special liberty chit to go out with the guys.
    97. If you refer to others as hard-charger, motivator, warrior or similar phrases.
    98. If your sentences begin with "When I was in the Corps..."
    99. If the most comfortable shoes you own are combat boots.
    100. If MREs are a welcomed and anticipated meal, you just might be a Marine!!


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    You know what the slopchute is.
    You ever had liquid lunches at the slopchute.
    You spent Friday afternoons at the slopchute watching dancers.
    You ate pogeybait.
    You traded donations to Marine Corps Relief for PRT/PFT scores.

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    You're sitting at your computer reading this.

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    Old Roger must have had a sound mind! I don't see humor in any of the 100 listed, however! LOL

    Thanks for bringing it forward, I needed a good laugh this morning.


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    You bought the 'drinkey!'
    You know where Koza is.
    You could walk to Whisper Alley in your sleep.
    You tossed pesos off **** River Bridge in Olongapo.
    You got a Silver Bullet.
    You played 'Smiles.'
    You came back with "Change" from a nite in PI.
    You bought monkey meat on Magsaysay.

    Lets hear from others!!!!!

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    Guilty of 1,12,16,25,26,27,29,43,45,56,66,91,94,95, and 98 although I do 98 in my head.

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    How about these?

    If you ever ate the piece of banana off the bar.
    If you've ever yelled in a bar "If you ain't (insert MOS here), you ain't sh-t!
    If you've ever combined money with friends to by MoJo.
    If you've ever sat on the curb and drank MoJo.
    If you've ever heard the phrase: You go Short time G.I.?

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    You were called, "You number 10!" because you refused to pay the prices in Yamato.

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    You can fall asleep in an am-trac bobbing like a cork in the ocean then hitting the beach at 60 mph and bouncing around like bumper cars.

    You can fall asleep in a helo leaking so much hydraulic fluid and making weird noises that the crew chief rushes to the back with a paniced look on his face and starts pumping a lever.

    You're willing to trade beef stew for chicken and rice because chicken and rice comes with M&M's.

    You've ever spent an hour inflating a rubber ***** just to have it go flat 15 minutes later.

    You know 3rd echelon disassembly of the m-16 and .45 and can make repair parts out of ball point pens.

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    Still get goosebumps every single time you hear The Marine Corps Hymn

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    Giving ADDRACs when seeing WM's (I think only 03's do this.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HurricaneRJ View Post
    Giving ADDRACs when seeing WM's (I think only 03's do this.)
    I must be a poser or just to salty. I keep seeing abreviations that I can't understand. WTF is an ADDRAC?

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