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    Weight loss

    Well im kind of new to this forum. Well Ive done the poolee thing before and i was all ready to go but then cercumstances came up that didnt allow me to go but we wont go there... anyway I've always had a problem with getting weight off. Ive never been "fat" but being half mexican and with a mother with a butt that has its own gravitational pull and being practically a migit. Anyway i regreted not going and I REALLY want to but its so hard for me to drop weight because my body likes to hide it unfortunatly. well i have a deadline and i have to get into Meps again just so they can check to make sure nothings changed since the last time i was there. Does anyone know of a QUICKER way beside my not eating and working out?


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    No there is no magic way to lose weight. If there were - everyone would be in shape. Eat right and workout. I didnt lose 75 lbs by not doing anything and nor did Accord. If you have questions ask me or the board - Accord would have been the best source but he has already shipped out.

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    There is no quick way. Anyone that tells you differently is lying to you or trying to sell you something. Eat properly, exercise, and don't allow yourself to gain the weight in the future.

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    Thanks for that you guys. Thats what i have been doing. I have lost 5 lbs in the last week. Just thot there'd be anything extra but thanks alot.

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