Saddam Statue Falls!!!
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    Saddam Statue Falls!!!



    Forgive my intrusion into your forum, but I’m urgently trying to contact Marines (and their friends and family) of
    3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment who in April 2003 secured Baghdad's main square and saw the toppling of the Saddam statue.

    4 years ago a Sky News reporter met and interviewed the Marines of 3/4 in a truly memorable and uplifting live broadcast to the world, and the via Fox News.

    I’m hoping to do a follow up report with these guys. If anyone knows them, or how I might contact them, please do contact me - my email is

    Cheers and many thanks for any help in this search.

    World Producer, Sky News

    PS the specific names I got from the tape include
    Hooper Kilwine / Kilwein / Kohlwein - from
    David Breese - from Menominee, Michigan
    Marcus Ward
    Robert Markou / Marku
    Sgt Thomson / Thompson - in jeep
    David Wilyer / Willyer / poss Lloyd - from
    Daniel Dillio / Dilio – Bravo company tank commander, with glasses
    Adrian Russell from Alburquerque, N Mex
    Patrick Sharp – with a moustache
    LC Haywood / Heywood / Hakewood – from Las Vegas NV, Tank driver
    LC Bohasky / Behasky - on an APC with 5 others guys
    LC Herford / Hertford /
    LC Prock - nicknamed ‘Wombat’
    LC York
    LC Hill / Hale
    LC Collier / Carter
    LC Ward
    LC Rigsby
    LC Peebles
    LC Seymour – from Washington State, in humvee
    LC Evans – with a brother called Drew
    Corp. Lequet / Lequette / Leque – with wife Jill/Gill (Gillian?)
    David Antillian / Antillion - from
    Medic Furley / Ferley / Ferrell - from New Hampshire
    Sgt Timothy Fine / Fartun / Fartan

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    It would be great if you update your profile please..

    It makes the Marines more comfortable to speak to the folks..


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    Thank You!


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    My name is Heidi Heryford, my husband Levi Richard Heryford, spelled incorrectly on your report as ( LC Herford now Cpl Heryford) was at Firdos Square for the toppling of Saddam's Statue. The 3/4 battalion was deployed to Kuwait in January 2003 and went on to participate in the 2003 invasion of Iraq (India Company). They were the first U.S. Marine unit to enter Baghdad. His battalion was shown in the famous scene of the statue of Saddam in Firdos Square being pulled down. He redeployed to Iraq in March of 2004 and took part in Operation Vigilant Resolve while attached to the 1st Marine Regiment (Charlie Company). He deployed again to Fallujah, Iraq in January 2005.

    My husband served in the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines (3/4) an infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps as a Machine Gunner (his nickname Hateford). The 3rd Battalion 4th Marines was nicknamed "Thundering Third" it is known within the battalion as "Darkside" and the radio callsigns of the command and staff reflect this moniker. They were based at Twentynine Palms and consisted of approximately 1,000 Marines. They fell under the command of the 7th Marine Regiment and the 1st Marine Division.

    My husband was born and raised in Lander, Wyoming. When he got out of the Marine Corps, he was subsequently contacted by BBC News in which they did a documentary about him and the war. LC Miles Hill whom my husband served with and is still in contact with and who is mentioned in your report was also in the BBC documentary. My husband and I now reside in North Bend, Washington. He does not know I am writing this email, but I am proud of my husband and his service to our country. He is a brave man, and a proud man, he rarely speaks of his service time, and it is usually with other service men, as they understood what he experienced. I would hate for men like my husband to be forgotten about, like my father and grandfather were. It is important to keep their stories and experiences alive not only for those that lived, but for those whom sacrificed their lives for our country. This email may fall on deaf ears, but I am happy to share what I have in case this does not. All the best!

    Heidi Heryford

    Loving wife to Cpl Levi R. Heryford

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    Please fill out your profile COMPLETELY before posting..

    Also... Are you aware that you posted to a thread that is over 5 years old!!!!

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