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Thread: 29 Palms?

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    29 Palms?

    I did a cartoon about 29 Palms for Marine Mom's Online a while
    ago. Please enjoy and add your own caption.

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    Never have so few been b*tch-slapped by so many. (Probably not what you had in mind.)

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    What an interesting spin on 29 Palms. Let this cartoon put 29 Palms on everybodys map. Have a good day.

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    Talking Cartoons

    I did 2 tours at 29 Palms (4 years out of 8+ years). Liked the area
    (old mines to the east & Joshua Tree National Monument). Grew up in the desert about 3 hours drive from 29, so the climate was tolerable. I enjoy your cartoons Gary. Keep 'em coming.
    Semper Fi!

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    "According to the map, we should be standing under the trees now?"

    Love it! Been there many times and couldn't find the trees either!

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    Or how about this---

    "Hay, this place isn't THAT bad. Just think of the guys that got sent to 29 armpits!"

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    The only thing wrong with the pic., is the sign that says bus stop, when i went there in 63, it was a Stage Stop,thats right, the 29 Palms Stage was the only way to git there, loved the Jousha Tree Mounument Park, and the Tarantulas at certain times of the year would cross the road in droves, and things to do, the Roy Rogers ,Dale Evens Musum,in Apple Valley, Palm Springs,(women), and the Dam wasent that far away on a motercycle, and the ride was awesome,loved that base then, couldnt take it now tho, too used to the mountains and green trees ,and lakes, and rivers, and seashores of Washington State.

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    What is the saying of 29 Palms again 30 miles from water 2 feet from hell lol. Love those sand storms out there. They drove me insane finding sand in every orfice of my body.

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    Desert Stage was still running 20 years later when I left "The Stumps".
    LMAO about the "30 miles from water 2 feet from hell" (it's fitting).

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    Re: 29 Palms?

    Originally posted by Osotogary
    I did a cartoon about 29 Palms for Marine Mom's Online a while
    ago. Please enjoy and add your own caption.
    "There were 30 Palms, untill the Gunny caught a Marine with his hand where it shouldn't been."

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