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    Philadelphia Phillies hang on for Halladay's 15th victory
    Los Angeles-- One question struck the Philadelphia Phillies as their three-run lead started to unravel in the eighth inning Monday at Dodger Stadium:
    When was the last time this happened?
    Roy Halladay said "I've been on teams when it's never guaranteed, even getting through eight innings it's never guaranteed," Roy Halladay who got his Mlb 15th win. "The way our bullpen has closed things down, you really feel if you get through six, seven innings you have a chance to win the game. They've been very good. Even on nights like tonight when it's not the best you've ever seen them they find ways to get it done."
    As hyped as the Philadelphia Phillies ' rotation has been, their bullpen has been especially effective despite injuries that have forced four pitchers -- Jose Contreras, Brad Lidge, Antonio Bastardo and Brad Lidge -- into the closer's role. The Phillies entered Monday's 5-3 victory Beated the Los Angeles Dodgers at Dodger’s Stadium having blown a big league low three saves in 36 opportunities this season. Most of those saves have been smooth experiences -- there haven't been too many close-your-eyes-and-wish-for-the-best moments -- but on a night when they did not have their best, they still found a way to get the big outs at the big moments to preserve a victory.
    The Phillies are 7-1 on their 10-game road trip through Denver, San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles. If the Phillies can win the remaining two games on the trip -- they have Cliff Lee (11-7, 2.96 ERA) pitching Tuesday and Vance Worley (8-1, 2.35) pitching Wednesday -- they would have their best 10-game road trip in franchise history.
    In fact, based on winning percentage, it would be the third-best road trip in franchise history.
    The Phillies carried a 4-1 lead into the bottom of the seventh inning with help from Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins. Victorino had doubled twice and scored twice, and Rollins doubled to score two runs in the second. Halladay allowed nine hits, one run and two walks and struck out four in 6 1/3 innings. He got into trouble in the seventh, and Phillies manager Charlie Manuel pulled him with runners on first and second and one out.
    Left-hander Bastardo entered the game and promptly fell behind 3-0 to Andre Ethier before getting him to ground into an inning-ending double play.

    That proved big because Lidge's wild pitch in his at-bat with Tony Gwynn would have allowed the tying run to score. Lidge instead got out of the inning when Gwynn unsuccessfully tried to bunt for a hit.
    Gwynn said."That's how it works," "If you get it down, it's a good play, if you don't get it down, you look stupid."
    Victorino, who earlier in the day appealed his three-game suspension for his role in Friday's bench-clearing brawl in San Francisco, gave the Phillies some breathing room in the ninth when he hit a solo homer to right to give the Phillies a two-run lead.
    Madson, who is back in the closer's role, pitched a scoreless ninth to pick up his 20th save.
    "We've been really good," Tomorrow we're going to go out there with the same kind of confidence we had today. That's been the thing. We've just been really confident in what we're doing." Madson said.

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    What's with the play-by-play with the baseball game? Doesn't have anything to do with the subject in my estimation. Mayby that's just me, tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobShannon View Post
    I was with H&Ms 12, Mag 12 from 3/66 to 4/67. Gunny Amico didn't know how to tell the Colonel, but he did. There were no hard feelings. I believe Colonel Hubbard was the CO at the time.
    I remember Val Amico very well.... in fact I found him living in Phoenix area and talked to him about 1998-99.... sounded well but that was a long time ago. He was promoted to WO during my tour.. I think late 1966.

    Also found Jay Hubbard and was able to email him a few times before he passed in 2003... http://www.arlingtoncemetery.net/jwhubbard.htm


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    Chu Lai 1966-67

    I'm looking for anyone who served at the MABS-12 bomb dump in Chu Lai during 1966-67. When I was there, our CO was Captain Robert Myers.

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    I don't remember Myers but I found this old pic of the bomb dump in my files...I hope it shows up

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry Renfeld View Post
    I was a radar tech in the gca unit that landed in may of 65. There was no base when we came ashore. I have pictures taken in the fall of 65 . I was on hand for the first fixed wing landing. I left chu lai in Jan. of 66. I have those pictures on a cd which I could copyand send to you if desired.
    Jerry I brought about 40 guys with me down from MATCU 66 MAG-11 Atsugi to augment MATCU 67. We arrived by H-34s just as the ship dropped the ramp so you and I served together. I was Captain at the time and brought CWOs Al Hartkopf and Janke along with the controllers and maint techs. about30-40 of us total.

    I left the last week of Aug 65 and assigned to MAG-24 at Cherry Point for a year before I resigned my commission and then flew for the airlines for 33+ years before retiring from Delta in Nov 1999.

    God Bless and Semper Fi from a fellow Chu Lai MATCU guy...

    Bill "Harv" Harvill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Mathews View Post
    Does anyone the name of the CO in 1965 for AMbs12, Mag12? fIRST sGT sHIELDS WAS THE TOP NCO. I was trying to remember the other officers & NCO's I remember a Sgt Ellenberg, but not even sure if he is still alive.
    LtCol Alexander Wilson

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    Thought I'd try to find Val Amico to say hello... instead I found his obit.... see attached link


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    It seems we served with Gunny Amico around the same time. I also was there when he made WO.

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    Bob, thanks for your reply. Sorry to hear about Gunny Amico. He was a great Marine who new how to get things done. We were in Chu Lai around the same time. I arrived there the beginning of March 1966. Your name sounds very familiar, I'm thinking you were a 1st lt. at the time.

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    Hi Rob..

    Hope all is well. You are correct... we both arrived about the same time... I was an ElTee at the time...was an in a/c maintenace in H&MS and picked up Motor T as a collateral duty (among others)..thats how I met Val.... after he got promoted to WO, he moved into my hooch with O's from various squadrons.... nice to see he made WO 4....

    He was a great Marine...and an great person....

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    Bob, your name sounds very familiar. I was stationed at Chu Lai almost the same time that you were. I was in H&M'S 12 Motor T with Gunny Amico. I was a Lance Corporal at the time. I was a driver. Gunny was a guy who new how to get things done. He chose me to be the colonels driver replacing Corporal Mills who was rotating back to the states. A lot of guys would have loved that job but it wasn't my style. Besides being the Colonels driver I had to clean his office and living quarters. I also tendered the bar in his living quarters at night. After a short time, I asked Gunny to find a replacement for me as it wasn't what I felt I came to Viet Nam to do. Gunny Amico felt like I put him on the spot having
    to tell the colonel I no longer wanted the job. After trying to talk me out of it he finally agreed to tell the Colonel. There were no hard feelings and I was assigned as driver for the civic action program in the Ly Tin area. I had an interpreter who I picked up every day, his name was Lam. I often wonder what happened to lam.

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    I was promoted to Corporal while still in Nam and made E-5 shortly after returning to the states. I was one of the youngest E-5's around at the time, being only 20 years old. I was from Long Island but know I also live upstate. I live in a small town about half way between Oneonta and Binghamton. If I remember correctly Gunny was from Ozone Park, New York, also Long Island.

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    Rob.... I live in Brunswick, just outside Troy towards Bennington. My brother lives in Otego, just south of Oneonta on I88. I'm somewhat familiar with the area as I've flown into Sydney Airport several times....

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    I live in Afton about 1/2 hour from Otego. I had an Italian Rest. in Otego but closed it about 4 years ago. Small town not enough business.

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