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    MP training ??

    My son just recently graduated from MCRD San Diego and is home for his 10 days and then back to Pendelton. After that he is going to MP training, just wondering from anyone out there thats been there and done that what his training will be like and what might he expect. We he be able to call home or will I be able to call him while hes in training there? After his training will he come back home for awhile or off to his first duty? Any help will be appreciated.

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    I went to MP school in '89 at Lackland AFB. We had a lot of classroom time, scenario training, PR-24 training, and weapons training. On top of that we had all the other things that go along with being a Marine, field days, PT, inspections, and so on. We also spent the last few days of training in the field.

    As far as phone calls go, as long as he can get to the phones before the air force recruits he can call. They always seemed to be done with boot camp (not sure if that what they called it) early in the day, they would line up as far as the eye can see.

    When I was done at Lackland, I went home for 10 days, then to my first duty station.

    I hope that helps you a little, it may have changed since '89. I can't believe it's been that long ago, seems like yesterday.

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