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    Cool I'am Prehistoric-lol


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    Quote: "No Navy Crosses were awarded for actions in operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991)."

    This is the second time I have seen this in the Forum Section. This information is easy to find.

    Here is the correction to the quote above:

    There were TWO Navy Cross's Awarded in Desert Storm. The first went to Ltcol Ed Ray on 2/25/91 and the second went to Col Michael Kurth on 2/26/91. Col Kurth pioneered the use of FLIR on the UH-1N for the first time. He used it in Desert Storm to help guide the initial assault through the oil smoke, and for that he was awarded the Navy Cross.

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    Good article. marines be proud of the job you did while serving in USMC. there is no need to try and impress people by saying you were a seal when you werent. all positions in marine corp are important ones. so be proud..semper fi

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    I have never figured out why some people want to brag about something that they have never done. Someone always see's thru their bull and expose's them for what they are. I served my 20 and am very proud of it.

    GySgt USMC
    Retired 1977

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    I had a guy tell me he was in the air force special forces during Vietnam. I said oh what were you "Special Agent Orange" LOL

    He so not military material


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamat13
    I was a seal once; but then the circus kicked me out when i couldnt balance a beach ball on my nose.. I know now that I should have told them I was with green cell and I was color blind. Thanks for the info, it will come in handy. I never met anyone claiming to be a SEAL but I have met several claiming to be Airborne; I always figured they were lying when they would show a tattoo like as if it were some sort of proof.
    Thanks again Drifter

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    Air Force Special Forces....LOL.

    That having been said, they were known as the "Air Commandos" then.


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    Thanks SGT

    With all that said I am celebrating the day I went to Paris Island March 7th 1977. Thirty years ago. OOH Rah!

    I still remember my laundry #18, Platoon 2045 "D" Company.
    Remember how we would count off and at the end the last guy would say ___ # of highly motivated, truly dedicated, united states marine corps recruits sir!

    I love that.

    To all you highly motivated former marines and active marines I salute you my brothers and will never forget who I am.

    A marine, my father was a marine and maybe some day my 5 year old boy will be one. Please pray for our country to get it's act together and protect our boys with the troops they need.


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    Happy Boot Camp anniversary!!!

    God Bless

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    Oh Yah!! Besides Force Recon there was a special forces detachment known as Delta Mailmen. We wore Blue berrets with the Post Office emblem over our asses.
    Taught us how to KILL with stamps!

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    i have good one,maybe the best one yet, when i was at anphib. assult school
    at camp pen. one in our class told us he was prior service.he was a ranger in the army and he also before that was a navy seal and that he was a trained
    killer (and he wasnt drunk every time he told us this) i swear,we all thought he was full of sh#t,but the whole 6 wks we were their he was aways talking
    about what a stud mass killing machine he was, we got in a fight one night at the eclub and i kicked the crap out of him,well any way when we graduated
    i asked him were his jump wings were, he should be wearing them. o idnt were them to many people ask me about them(riiiight).find out a month later he was just in the navy nothing more or less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by konman1
    On my way home from work one night, I took a detour to the local establishment. I think I had a Jarhead shirt or somthing on and I had this obvioulsy over served nimrod explain to me how he was a member of the most elite fighting force in the world, Navy Recon. The funny thing is these homos come out of nowhere and talk to you like you really give a s**t.
    You mean there is such an animal as Navy Recon? Pardon me whil I scratch my head on that one. Where do people comeup with this stuff?

    David Trousdale
    LCPL USMC (1989-1997)

    When I get to Heaven, St. Peter I will tell "One more Marine reporting, Sir. I've served my time in Hell."

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    The ones that really **** me off are the slime balls that stand on the corner with a sign proclaiming to be a homeless "Vietnam Vet" that can't be any older than 30.

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    Guest Free Member
    Quote Originally Posted by GUNNY MAX
    The ones that really **** me off are the slime balls that stand on the corner with a sign proclaiming to be a homeless "Vietnam Vet" that can't be any older than 30.
    Exactly! I work hard for my living and these hose bags want a piece of it for free?

    "Here, hose bag, if you are thirsty you can have the sweat off my b*lls!"

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    Cool I'm A Homeless 'nam Vet-need $$ For Some Crack


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