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    now I cant find it....This was about an Air Force Huey(Medivac Helicopter)This Guy passed away last week.Copy and Paste,Cut and Paste,Copy Link -doesn't work for me-I believe this Guy got a Bunch of Medals,as should DocGreek,now paying Medically for his Bravery and Dedication in Vietnam......DocGreek,I Salute you with Every thing I got.Maybe My Cousin Gary can get it here......Ten Days in the Brig for me......Sorry Marines.

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    Yeah,I know the Giants won,Eli is very good..........I wanna see the Packers Beat them next week.....I know most of you are Giant Fans,not me and proud of it.

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    Doc, I can never say, for sure, but I'm generally skeptical of those stories.
    Of course, if someone is actually making a movie, he may have had things pumped up a bit by the show biz bunch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HM3 Doc Wilder View Post
    I wanna see the Packers Beat them next week.....I know most of you are Giant Fans,not me and proud of it.
    Where did you get that idea? I look forward to watching the Packer Victory, one more step to a second, consecutive, Super Bowl.

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    Just found this

    They have an extensive list of fakers. I didn't was taken aback just with how many cases are on this page...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBYates View Post

    Thought you guys would like this...
    I have a feeling that the Black Robe Society is going to uphold the law on this one. They've ruled before that no one has a Constitutional right to lie. Perjury laws have been upheld numerous times as have the various federal, state, and local laws regarding false information to police or on official documents.

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    Agreed, just think it is crazy. That someone would think that, but I guess it isnt so crazy once I watch the news for a few minutes, and see the trash on there.

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    Seen this guy and he says he's a seal who under cover right now and can't give out his location in fear of being killed..

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    Yep, he is pretty much a BAMF, LOL

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    Well ... the face looks convincing.

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    Thats A Good One William!!!!

    Semper Fi My Brother

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    I belong to a car forum and someone got a member all butt hurt, he's tried pulling the, "I just got back from sandbox, defending your freedom, and I dont need this **** from anyone" card. I think he's about 22 and claiming he's an officer. We got his name from the admin on the site, and found his facebook account to find out more. I'm 100% percent sure he's a buster. I dont know why i'm letting it get me so ****ed off but i need to shake this kid up. I keep calling him out and he keeps coming back a tuff guy.

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    which car forum?

    I belong to a couple forums too. Just wondering which one he's on. Maybe I can rip him a new one too.

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    It's It doesn't matter he's playing this one out to the end. His screen name is dust-in-a-55. His real name is Dustin Deyoung from Philadelphia.

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