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    BROKE his laig, and got medically discharged?!! AWWwww
    My cousin went to Navy boot camp back in the 70's. Three weeks he decided he dinna like it. He was found UA on the other side of RTC.
    He got medically discharged, for get this, FLAT FEET
    I now wear a Marine cap, and this weekend he asked me where I got it. I told him at the VA.
    He asked me if I could get him one, a SEAL cap. I told him no because he wasn't a SEAL.
    He then made some remark, I don't think it was a smart remark, but he said something about me being affiliated with the Marines, that's why I could wear a MARINE cap. . .
    Well, yeah Roy, I worked with the Marines, I trained with the Marines, I wore the Marine Corps cammies for two years. I passed the Marine Corps pft with like a 273, class 1st.
    He then asked me if I could get him an OD camaflouged Navy cap like the Marine cammie one I usta wear with the sharp sides.
    Does anybody know what an OD camoflauged Navy cap is?
    Semper fi.

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    I don't know what OD camouflage is. OD is plain green. Camouflage is with a pattern on it. Seems like they are a conflict in terms.

    I remember we had a couple of guys go UA in Boot Camp within the first few days of being picked up by our DIs. These two guys got up in the middle of the night, got dressed, and left.

    I saw them a few days later in the chow line. They were still in cammies, but they had their running shoes on with their trousers bloused. I don't know about today, but in those days, you didn't blouse your trousers until second phase.

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    Another Question What % Are Devil Docs?

    Semper Fi

    Stephen Doc Hansen Hm3 Fmf

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    I never knew much about the Seals when I was in the Navy,Navy.When I was placed in Micky Mouse,next store was C&C-Corrective Custody-The people in there all looked like they were being trained for some thing special.When I took the GCT-Navy Test,there were strange questions in it.For Example-Your driving a car,you see an Accident.What would you do.1.Stop and help the driving victim. 2.Call for help for this driving victim. 3.Just keep on going............................................. ..Well? If you picked 1 or 2 -your Wrong......................You'll never be picked for Special OP's .Roger Out......I'd love to learn their hand to hand.........

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    Wouldn't bet my life on the GCT-answer I gave,but those that know the right answers to these type of questions,know what I mean.Used To,Maybe-Everything has changed over the years.They are looking for a Certain Type of Person..........

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    I think fakers exist to keep you "peace time" Marines oiled up for

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJROTC View Post
    SEAL team 6?
    SEAL teams have numbers

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    Don't you have numbers where you live?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJROTC View Post
    You think it's cool SEAL teams have numbers, are numbers foreign to you? How do you keep track of how much of anything you have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJROTC View Post
    And is it really necessary for you to make fun of my comment?
    What comments?All I've seen are mono syllabic posts.Write something, ask a damn question.

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    ??? Why are you so upset over my post?

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