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    JIM....He's as full of sh!t, as a Christmas goose!!! I'll bet my MOH on it!!!......DOC

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    Why do people all ways say they ran with SF or some stuff back in Vietnam...I think people would be believe you more if you claimed you were a B-52 Pilot back then and awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross or something higher like that during a mission over Hanoi.

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    You'd figure the Bastard would be Smart enough 2 wear his Medics Badge,thats the 1,2Be most proud of. Just my 2Pennies worth!!!

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    Thanks guys. I thought as much.

    Should I bust him? The other night he started telling me some story about how his team went into a village and killed everybody. He said when they were finished not even a bug survived.

    I hate hearing about that stuff.

    Plus, if it really happened, who would want to talk about it? I have a cousin who is a good man and two timer in Vietnam with the Brown Water Navy. He NEVER talks about that stuff. Also, I've kind of found real combat vets don't talk about it...especially to people they don't really know.

    Am I right in this thinking?

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    You are correct on all counts.

    Now, do you bust him?

    Sure, BUT, you gotta do it properly. Remember, you work with him, and you may have some liability issues to deal with.

    Get your facts, questions, etc., etc., along with backup from some REAL SEALs, question him and keep your cool.

    I bet Doc Greek could head you in the right direction. A couple of for sure real SEALs would love to be in the bar and overhear your questions and his answers.

    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!

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    Where The He!! Is Smithfield?? I'm On My Way!! Me And A Couple Of "sailor's", Will Be Happy To Enlighten Your Buddy!!......doc

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    Ok, there's some things that DO NOT match up in his story. I know some strange S*** happened In Country - Like people seeing P3 Orion's (ASW birds) flying over the jungle...yea..that happened...they were dropping listening devices on the yellow brick road... recently declassified.

    But, back to our HERO. He stated he was EOD and had a diver badge, thats fine. But flying from Gitmo to North Vietnam for mission drops? GMAFB ...Give me a F... Break... The Needle just pegged and broke on my BS detector.

    Apparently this guy has a complex about serving during Vietnam, but never GOING to Vietnam...So now stories are all that he can come up with. The problem is there are SO MANY resources to Vet out these A** Clowns and SO MANY guys from that Era on forums like this .... they dont stand a chance. I was NOT in the Military during Vietnam. I was in Marine JROTC and was gungho to enlist. I believed in what we were doing there as did all three of my instructors who had been there recently. Two of them had been in Country during TET at Da Nang. I dont have a problem saying I've never been in combat... thats just the way things are. But this guy has some things going on in his head.

    Jim, I don't know what advice to give you. This can definitely bring an adversarial relationship to your workplace. The issue would be if this guy starts wearing unauthorized medals and awards - he is then subject to the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 .... Jail time and Fine.

    You could tell this guy that IF these stories are NOT true he better be careful.... There ARE guys who can vet his story very easily. He will probably respond with stuff about "Top Secret missions". One way to know for sure is to contact Steve Robinson (SEAL) or Chuck and Mary Schantag at the POW Network. They have a lot of resources to check out Fakes & Wannabe's...and to report people like this who falsely exaggerate Military service. They can also order DD214's through the freedom of information act... and if you buddy is wearing EOD and Diver pins without having earned them... he WILL go to Jail and pay a huge fine. The Federal Law is unbending.. Just google POW Network for the contact information. PM me if you want me to help.


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    I always wondered what it took to be an "old salt".

    Where I work, there are always agent orange-Seal-SF-Ranger-recon-CIA ninja master sad sacks who come in trying to claim dis-ability. Gotta love their stories.

    I just love the outing of these scum.

    Howdy to all. Can't believe it's been almost 24 years since I stood on the yellow prints!

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    Namster, you can't believe it's 24 years. How about trying 52 years. Then we had the old qunset huts and a fancy new wooden barracks along Blvd De France when I took boot at P.I. Time goes by fast when you are having fun.

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    Gunny, hats off to ya!

    You must have seen alot of changes!

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    Devil Dog For Life Platinum Member Gary's Avatar
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    Hey Ellie! Sound's like my former gov. Jessie Ventura!

    Sgt G.A. Blake

    Marine! the title says it all

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    you learn something new everyday. I honestly thought that Marines could attend SEAL training. I stand corrected

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    Any of you ever hear of a guy named Gugle? He was my 1stSgt back around the mid 80's on Okinawa. Used to pencil whip the alpha roster each month and give himself a new DOR and PEBD. We knew he was full of crap and actually frocked because on of the Sgt's in my plt has been the Regt CO's driver when Google arrived on island as a 1stSgt select and had driven over with the SgtMaj to pick him up at the airport so knew he was wearing Gy stripes at that time.

    Anyway when he left us he checked into his next duty station he was busted for wearing unauthorized awards. He was reduced in rank to Gy and retired. His poser career though continued from there. He later claimed to have served in Desert Storm, be a retired SgtMaj and a member of the "walking Dead". Until he was busted as a poser.

    Dude just thought he was smarter then everyone else (did speak about 5 languages)

    sorry if this has already been posted since I didn't read the entire thread


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    I don't know how to respond to that...
    I pledge my rifle and panda to your cause.

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