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    He ("Chu Lai") must have been in either MAG-12(-) or MAG-13(-). Both of them are fixed-wing groups. Most of the Marines and Corpsmen I knew were in choppers.

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    3rd MAW, MAG 13, VMA 214 Black Sheep. 1970-71 El Toro 6062 Safety and Survival. Seat Mech.

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    I was back in Nam on my 3rd tour of duty during that time-frame, Thumper, serving as a Platoon Sergeant in the bush with the Provisional Rifle Company of Force Logistics Command (FLC) at Camp Books, a few miles north of Danang Air Base.

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    HMT-301, MAG 24, 1st MAW, 1974-1977.

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    VMA 331 MCAS Opaloka Fla

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    6076 hydraulic ground support Garwood aircraft tug /tractor Mech 1968 -71 Mag -33. looking for info on Garwood for museum .Need a manual to help restore.

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    VMT - 103 MCAS Yuma 12/68 - 2/69: A4C
    VMAT -102 MCAS Yuma 2/69 - 2/72 : TA4E

    Both of these squadrons were part of MCCRTG- 10

    VMFAT - 101 was a part of this group and flew F4B's and some C's

    I also found another group of VMAT - 102 that had been in Nevada.

    I was a plane captain under SSgt Barney Sellers!!!

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    lST MAW HQ - Iwakuni Japan, Chief Legal Clerk, working as court-reporter and assigning reporters to trials. Coordinated paper work from Provost Marshall to our Hqs then to the respective units. From Oct 1964 to Nov 1965 then transferred to Quantico Va for 4 months to end of enlistment, 4 years and 8 months active duty. Best duty station ever!

    1st MAW went to DaNang a couple of months before I was transferred to States. I was one left behind to keep legal office open on the base during this period with a couple of legal officers to keep things going.

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    HM3 Doc Wilder-at MWSG-17-but moved around on Med Pac's and working at First Med.Hell yes,I went on Convoys,and was up on B Battary-got out of Nam 1 Month early-with President Nixon's Help.I should have been Braver and Flew Medi-Vac like Doc Greek.......Where is DocGreek-We Miss Him...........Chow for Now.

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    VMA-332 Cherry Point 66-68;

    HMM-161 Quang Tri 68-69

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    Mcas el toro 84-88

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    Glad to see a few old LAAM Marines popping up here and there.
    Short time in Charlie Battery 2nd LAAM Bn at 29 Palms in '63. LAAM Bn's were part of FMF then. Off to BES at San Diego 4th of July weekend '63.
    CW Radar School at Fort Bliss Texas, March - Sept. of '64
    Bravo Battery 3rd LAAM Bn, 3rd MAW MCAS Cherry Point Sept. '64 - July '65
    Operation Steel Pike Oct.-Nov. 1964. Field exercise Vieques Island late April '65 (Dominican Republic Crisis broke out while we were there).
    Bravo Btry TO'ed up and shipped as a unit to Viet Nam in Aug '65.
    Landed in Da Nang 31Aug65 and relieved Alpha Battery 1st LAAM Bn 1st MAW.
    4Nov65 transferred up to Monkey Mountain Bravo Battery 1st LAAM Bn 1st MAW
    Rotated to CONUS 22Aug66.

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    Vmfat-101 90-93

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    Out of the 3rd Marine Division and into the 3rd Marine Air Wing, VMA 331 1956-57 Opalocka MCAS Florida

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