Recruiting Troubles...
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    Recruiting Troubles...

    My boyfriend got out of the Marines in Oct. 06...and decided that he wanted to go back in. So we went to one office and the guy was a jerk and not we went somewhere else and went through the same thing. So on the third attempt, the Gunny there was nice and explained alot. So Tony (my boyfriend) started to fill out paperwork with them. He wanted to go back into 0311...there was 60 open we thought things were going to work out. Next thing we know...a week later the Gunny calls and says that they can't submit his papers cause there are no more openings. So Tony spent 3 hours finding 5 other MOSs that he would be willing to do...and only one in the 03 field. Well the Gunny called tonight (1/9/07) to tell Tony that he got the paperwork back and what the marines gave him was machine gunner...which was the last thing that Tony would have every considered...and wasn't even on the list. Now the Gunny said that Tony has till tomorrow (1/10/07) to sign the papers and be sworn in on Thurs. Is this possible? If Tony doesn't sign the papers does that mess up any chance of him going in in say 6 months, like the Gunny said it would?
    Sorry it's so long...better to know the whole story sometimes...

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    I Know A Little About How It Works I'm A Former Recruiter. The Way The Marine Corp Is Looking At It Is That Its Not What The Marine Corp Can Do For Him But What He Can Do For The Marine Corps. Your Boyfriend Should Know How The Marine Corp Works And Their Going To Put Him Where They Need Him. The Marine Corp Is Basically Saying We Will Let You Get Back In If He Does What They Want Him To Do. It Is Possible To Effect The Six Months If The Marine Corp Does Not Have A Quota For A Retread During That Time Period. If He Doesn't Sign By The Deadline He Will Have To Wait For Another Quota To Roll Around. Good Luck!!!

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    Ohhh heck. 0331 vs 0311 ..... same units same training. Tell your recruiter that your boyfriend will not settle for anything less than 0302 ....

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