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    Discharge Certificate


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    I was HONORABLY DISCHARGED and transferred to the 1st Civ. Div. back in March of 1997. I served for 5 years. Up till now I have yet to receive my Discharge Certificate and it is now 2007. I would like to have it to display proudly that i am a former MARINE since i now work for the US Goverment as a Federal AGENT.

    Does anyone know a # or website i can go to to request my certificate. I would really appreciate any assistance.


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    I don't normally answer people that say they are Marines without knowing who they are for sure. If you look on the start page of this site you will see a link for DD-214. How about filling in your profile and show us how proud you are to be a Marine.

    Welcome to Leatherneck

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    GySgt E B Reagle,

    In regards to the question, how do we go about obtaining a certificate? I know in the past they use to be awarded when a Marine would re-up, but did they actually stop issuing them when you left active duty? Because I would also like to obtain one, not only for myself, but for my father as well.


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    DM============Are you talking about the "DD 256 MC"?

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    Here is some info on what you asked


    DoD DD-214 Policy
    Department of Defense
    NUMBER 1336.1
    January 6, 1989


    DoD Policy
    SPN Codes on file
    SPD Codes on file
    RE Codes on file
    What is the definition of my code
    Obtaining/Preserving your DD-214
    How to order military records
    Publisher's info and other important resources

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    Quote Originally Posted by ggyoung
    DM============Are you talking about the "DD 256 MC"?
    I believe so. I came across one today in another's office. It did have DD-256MC on the certificate.

    Palmer, the link is dead... at least from here. Will try again tomorrow at work.

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    I finally got my DD256 MC. It wasn't that hard to get, actually. You just need to know who to contact. www.archives.gov/st-louis/military-personnel this is the link for the National Personnel Records Center, St Louis.

    I called emailed and registered. They where helpful but it takes patience. In typical military style there is alot of hurry up and wait.

    All I provided was SSN, Dates of service and ful name. I was issued a claim # and within about 6 weeks I got my dd 256 MC in the mail it was not to difficult.

    After waiting so long I was actually surprised when i received it in the mail

    Hope this helps.

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    This Is The Correct Answer. Absolutely.

    I searched for this answer for years and I am finally proud to share this with you:

    MMS handles sending you out a free replacement dd form 256 Discharge Certificate. Their phone number is 1-800-268-3710 option number 3. You can call them to verify and then you will need to fax them a written request for it to (703) 784-5792. Include your Name, DOB, SS#, Sign the form and include your mailing address where you want to have it sent to. It is as easy as that! Congrats from Sgt. Campbell. Uh-Rah!

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    Why Doesn't my dd-214 show me as a Vietnam Veteran when I get all benefits from the VA.

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    If you entered the Marines in 1974 you are not a Vietnam Veteran. You area Vietnam era veteran. A lot of difference.

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    Vietnam era

    OK agreed but still does not list it why

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