Port Royal McDonald's sets itself apart with military decor
24-hour restaurant on Parris Island Gateway is now open
Published Friday December 29 2006
The Beaufort Gazette

Michael Eggers didn't want his newest McDonald's franchise to look like all the others.

"We're trying to get away from that McDonald's image, the red and white," he said Thursday. "This is a one-of-a-kind McDonald's."

Located near Parris Island in Port Royal's Midtown Village, Eggers, an Army veteran, drew his inspiration for the new restaurant from its military neighbors.

"We really wanted to do something for the military, so the decor is in honor of the military, particularly the Marine Corps and the Navy," he said.

The restaurant features floor-to-ceiling graphics of an aircraft carrier and a Harrier jet. Above the center seating section an image shows Marines rappelling out of a helicopter.

The seats in the center of the restaurant are standard fast-food restaurant booths, but along one side are leather couches with coffee tables for a leisurely meal.

Eggers, who also owns the McDonald's franchises on Lady's Island and in Cross Creek Shopping Center, said the new restaurant's exterior was designed to fit with the Lowcountry. It features brown brick walls, metal awnings, indigenous landscaping and accent lighting.

"It's not too abusive," he said. "It's almost a soft McDonald's."

The restaurant, on Parris Island Gateway, opened at 5 a.m. Thursday and will remain open 24 hours from now on.