Grinch Steals Gifts Intended For US Marines

(December 27, 2006)—Someone has stolen Christmas from some Illinois Marines stationed overseas.

Mary Wadsworth had been stockpiling gifts for months in her garage for her son and Marines in his battalion who had not been getting care packages regularly.

Instead of buying gifts for her friends and family this year, Wadsworth used the money to buy microwavable dinners and other supplies to include in individual care packages sent directly to her son and several men in his battalion.

She has been sending a care package to her son in Iraq every week since he's been stationed there.

On the day she was going to mail the packages she discovered that someone had stolen an estimated $300 worth of supplies.

Wadsworth was able to replace some coffee that had been donated by Starbucks, but that was it.

She’s trying to collect more items to send some post-Christmas cheer to the troops in Iraq.