A View To A Kill On U.S.-made Gallows
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    A View To A Kill On U.S.-made Gallows

    A bit of good old American craftsmanship will bring about Saddam Hussein's end - a specially constructed gallows that might as well be stamped "Made in the U.S.A."

    The custom-made gallows for Saddam is located in a highly secure U.S. military prison at Baghdad airport called Camp Cropper, where the former Iraqi dictator is currently imprisoned.

    One morning, sometime between today and 30 days from now, Saddam will be awakened by his American guards and told it's judgment day.

    There will be no prior public notification of Saddam's date with the executioner.

    Shortly after he is hanged, an announcement will be made to the world that the brutal killer is dead.

    Like other Iraqi death-row prisoners, Saddam will be dressed in an orange uniform, and a hood will be placed over his head before his execution. He will be allowed prayers, and a last meal, according to U.S. officials. Then the ex-tyrant will be taken to the American-made gallows, where a handful of Iraqi government officials, U.S. military officers and human-rights officials will be witnesses.

    (Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com ...

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    I hope they give him a great send off with a pork chop dinner and all fixens!


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    I better get to see the pictures :P

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    "...and a last meal." I never really understood that one.

    The 'ole KGB one pop behind the ear when you least expect it. Now they had there chit in one sock when it came to executions!

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