**Update** She's off to Boot...
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    **Update** She's off to Boot...

    Well... For all of you who have given me encouragement up to this point... Thank you SO much!

    I came home today (10 Days post Poolee Garcia's leaving for boot) and I was complaining about all the bills sticking out of my mailbox, while talking to Garcia's baby sister on the phone, and out of the edge of the stack, was a sight for sore eyes. The corner of the EGA on a small white envelope smiled out at me!!

    God I was ecstatic. I was still on the phone with her sister, so I opened the letter and Sis asked me what it said, but I could hardly read through my tears lol.

    She's "ok"... and has moments of wanting to come home and tears, but she said when those times hit, she remembers that there's 31 other females feeling the exact same way. I guess that's a pretty small platoon and she's getting to know everyone and the only way she knew it was sunday, was because of church.

    Here's what she has to say:

    **banging, screaming, lights**

    Sounds great, doesn't it? It's what I wake up to every morning. I jump out of bed and hurry to the line to stand at attention. *Correction*- "This Recruit". There is no longer an "I, me, or my." And thus begins a busy day.

    Things go by so fast that this recruit has completely lost track of time. The only reason this recruit knows it is Sunday is because we got to go to church today. Everything here is new and is taking some adjusting to, but all-in-all, I'm doing ok.

    Everyday these cecruits get a 30 second (well, not even 30 seconds) shower. We get a 30 second "head" (bathroom) call. These recruits get a 10 minute "chow" (breakfast, lunch, dinner). These recruits refill our canteens frequently and drill and get into repetition games with the Drill Instructors frequently. This recruit has 3 DI's and really likes this recruits Senior DI, even though she fired this recruit from Squadleader. It is hard.

    This recruit won't say it's not, but I'm adjusting. This recruit is still learning and this rct's Senior DI says it will get easier.

    This recruit does get homesick but then realizes that the other 31 rct's that this rct lives with are feeling the same way and it helps.

    Today, when these rcts got back from church, these rcts got to learn the basics on drilling with this rct's very own M16AZ Service rifle. This rct hasn't named him yet, but she will soon, still thinking about it.

    We usually get up at 0430 or 0400 and our days last until about 8pm. I really try to enjoy my lunch because the DI's lay off a little more (not much, but a little is a good thing).

    There are 32 girls in my platoon, which is really small but I love it. I'm getting to know everyone and we are becoming like family. Tomorrow is our last "Forming" day before our actual training begins.

    Well, I better get some sleep now.

    Miss Y'All,

    p.s. Write and send pics if you want, I could use the encouragement.

    (This song helps me sleep at night and get through the days)

    Carry On My Wayward Son- Kansas
    "Carry on my wayward son
    There'll be peace when you are done
    Lay your weary head to rest
    Don't you cry no more......"

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    Told ya

    TD 1....

    MORE fun than she should be allowed to have!


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    TD 1? Am I missing something?

    Also... I have a question and many friends and family have been asking me also, does anyone know if she will be allowed to receive Cards or Christmas/Holiday cards??


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    LOL. "TD 1", Training Day one. Her time on the island counts down from here.

    She should be able to get Christmas cards; keep them short and simple, nothing she'll have to 'pay' for.

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    Darnit. I should have known that. I thought and thought and couldn't wrap my simple little brain around it lol. It's raining here, I'll blame it on that

    Part of me (only the insane part) wants to send her one of those hallmark cards that sings LMAO... BUT... ... exactly lol, I don't want Senior Drill Sergeant to bust her chops. They'd probably have to do sprints in the rain while singing "Jingle Bells" or something horrific.

    I think I'll tell people to keep the christmas cards low key and try and stay away from anything with drawings of critters on the outside of green or red... I mean heck, how am I supposed to know exactly what mood the DI's will be in iand what they'll bust them for. After all, it is Christmas, hopefully they have heart in there somewhere...

    TD 1 and counting Thanks! I'll count that down on her MCRD training schedule I have on the fridge!

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    No worries. Rain, that's it.

    Oh, send her the singing card. It'll make the Drill Instructors day. And be a good boot camp story for her in her later years....after she forgives ya, of course

    A buddy of mine sent an entire pack of Oreos. I didn't eat Oreos for about 10 years after that....but it was a good story...

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    It IS rain. lol wanna know why? It's because I KNOW it's not these blonde streaks. I pay dang good money for them lmao

    Are you freakin serious?!?
    Won't the singing card bring the very UN-desired "remedial training"!! EEK!
    Although it would make for a good story.

    But she did get fired by "this recruits senior drill instructor"...as the Squadleader, not sure why, lol probably because she tears up still while doing random things throughout her day Aww... I hope it gets better...
    I look each day at her training.. today is Bayonet Techniques and First Aid, so hopefully it's not as crazy... but I know it comes and goes in waves of insanity.

    ...*Thinks about the Singing card*...

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    It's normal to get 'hired' and 'fired' as a squadleader. Sometimes both in one day..lol.

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    Thank you. lol I don't know exactly what a Squad Leader does, but I suppose it's important. Or made to be important lol.

    I hope she got to wish upon a star or something nice to make her smile this Christmas. This isn't easy for me, but she had the choice, and she chose to be gone over the Holidays, so I'm just praying for her and praying for strength for me LOL.

    Merry Christmas Sgt Leprechaun. Thank you.

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    Squad leader is the Marine in charge of a 13 Marine squad, broken down into Fireteams, in the fleet. It's also how Recruit platoons are organized; leadership posistions include Fire Team Leader (if they still appoint that), squad leader, and guide.

    I'm sure that she did fine.

    And, Merry Christmas back!

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    Thanks!! You're a great help
    She wrote a letter today!!! I got a 4 pager
    Was very excited. I don't know if anyone really finds it interesting, however, I'll post it anyway, just to give folks a view and update I guess.


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