Marine Barracks Annapolis Md
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    Marine Barracks Annapolis Md

    Anyone else serve there?

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    Yep! When were you there? I was there 83-85....

    I weep for what this country is becoming, and fear for my children and grandchildren's future if any more democrats gain national office. We lose more and more freedoms every single day to creeping nannystatism and those who vote for Democrats only want to increase that. Anyone voting for a 'dem' is someone who likely wants to take everything YOU have worked for and mortgage your kids future as well.
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    Nope, BUT...

    Hey dogs,
    I live REAL close to Annap. and after my honorable discharge from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children I actually popped in and gave my Blues to the Officer of the Day... along with my Charlies and Alphas and a pair of boots and dress shoes. I LOVE the Corps and that uniform and couldn't stand to see it all hangin' in my closet. It was around 1990 and I know some jarheads got good use out of it.

    Semper Fi!

    Chris Moline

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    Served there from 1961-1962. Discharged from there, DEC.10, 1962. Meet my first wife while on duty at the main gate, Naval Engineering Station. She was the daughter of Capt. James J Stillwell who later became ship yard Commander, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, during the Vet Nam War. All though I have been remarried now for 31 years I have been invited to a family reunion of Admiral Stillwell on Aug. the 8th of this year in Annapolis.

    L/CPL Richard s Kuipers

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    I was there in 83-84, anyone remember ole broke dick Reiner?

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