Marine Barracks Annapolis Md
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    Marine Barracks Annapolis Md

    Anyone else serve there?

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    Yep! When were you there? I was there 83-85....

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    Nope, BUT...

    Hey dogs,
    I live REAL close to Annap. and after my honorable discharge from Uncle Sam's Misguided Children I actually popped in and gave my Blues to the Officer of the Day... along with my Charlies and Alphas and a pair of boots and dress shoes. I LOVE the Corps and that uniform and couldn't stand to see it all hangin' in my closet. It was around 1990 and I know some jarheads got good use out of it.

    Semper Fi!

    Chris Moline

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    Served there from 1961-1962. Discharged from there, DEC.10, 1962. Meet my first wife while on duty at the main gate, Naval Engineering Station. She was the daughter of Capt. James J Stillwell who later became ship yard Commander, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, during the Vet Nam War. All though I have been remarried now for 31 years I have been invited to a family reunion of Admiral Stillwell on Aug. the 8th of this year in Annapolis.

    L/CPL Richard s Kuipers

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    I was there in 83-84, anyone remember ole broke dick Reiner?

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