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Thread: Tetracycline

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    I realize this question is probably best for a recruiter but i want to see if anyone has any information for me to save some trouble/traveling!

    My Dermatologist wants to put me on a tetracycline medicine for acne. Its not essential but i get pimples here and there and he wants me to be clear. Would this DQ me at MEPS? I found another thread searching that Accutance DQ's you, but accutane is much stronger. Thank you in advance!

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    Talk to your recruiter to get the "straight scoop".

    I don't believe being on a short cycle antibiotic medication for acne would disqualify you medically at MEPS.

    I'm sure the diagnostic reason for the prescription and the expected course of treatment would have a lot to do with being disqualified.

    If you had a chronic (long term) contagious infection and was on a strong antibiotic, with a long anticipated recovery time....... that would probably get you disqualified.

    Again, talk to your recruiter to be sure.

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    I was using tetracycline before I left for Boot Camp. Just let the Doc know.

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    Thank you

    Ok, thank you very much. I saw the thread on Accutane and the guy having to stop taking it and wait 2 months and then go to MEPS again. I was gonna fix the problem before it became one. But seems i wont have to. thanks again

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