I am an Insurgent...
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    I am an Insurgent...

    Well not really, but Im going out to the field to be an "agressor" for 3/1. Im pretty stoked, we are gonna give them hell. I agressed a few years back for 2/5. It was a blast. For those on active duty, I higly recomend volenteereing for this should you get the chance.

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    SkilletsUSMC, I was the 1stSgt of I Co, 3/1 a long time ago.

    Make 'em earn their money, and learn something at the same time.

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    Congrats !!


    I love doing MOUT training. We are done for the year here at Ft. Knox, but supposed to start up early next year.

    For ANYONE that gets a chance, SAVE A LIFE, GET SHOT !!


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