CRSC Seminar Alexandria, VA April 1st

Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) will require application and approval, and this spring will become a premier provider of services to Veterans requiring assistance with CRSC claims.

In the interim, we suggest those who appear to qualify, collect files from their VA letters of determination and service records that relate to armed conflict, hazardous service, combat related training, or instrumentality of war. In the spring, we will be geared up to assist retired Veterans who are eligible for Combat Related Special Compensation.

If you are interested in a one day seminar to assist in applying for the new benefit, we have a 150 seat theater available to host a one day conference during the peak of the Washington, DC Cherry Blossom Festival.

We will invite speakers from the DOD, Congress, and VSO’s. The tentative date is April 1st, so let us know if you are interested in this seminar.

email Win Reither if you plan to attend... not me... Win Reither


Fly to Reagan National Airport 2 Miles North (Shuttle to Radisson)

Radisson Hotel Old Town Alexandria One block from the Seminar ($139.00)

Seminar Cost: TBD

Tentative Agenda April 1, 2003

9:00AM - Welcome/Reception MetroStage Theater

9:30- - CRSC Application Procedures - OSD Speaker (TBD)


11:15- - Senior VSO Representative Speaker (TBD)12:00PM

12:00PM - Private Lunch Buffet Cafe Marianna

1:00PM - Congressional Speaker/ FY 2004 Concurrent Receipt (TBD)

2:00PM - Senior Senate Armed Services Committee staffer (TBD)

3:00PM - Senior House Armed Services Committee staffer (TBD)

4:00PM - Senior Department of Veterans Affairs staffer (TBD)

5:00PM - Media perspectives - Tom Philpott



United We Stand
God Bless America

Remember our POW/MIA's
I'll never forget!