5th 155/175 Gun Btry
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    5th 155/175 Gun Btry

    I am looking for anyone that served with the 5th 155/175 Gun Btry from 1968 thru 1969. I was the FDC Operations Chief and would like to hear from anyone that served at that time. I must say I cannot remember any names from the Unit.

    Former S/Sgt. Clem Whitmire
    1966 thru 1976

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    whitmire===============I was with 5th 8inch 1966-68. I was section chief of gun 3.

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    5th 155/175 Gun Btry Reinforced

    ggyoung------when I first arrived to the Unit we had 4 8in and 6 155 Guns. This was a Btry reinforced hence 5th 155 Gun Btry Reinforced. Once the 175 Guns came out the 155's were replaced and we continued with the 4 8in.
    Where were you located with the 5th 8in How Btry?

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