98-year-old female Marine celebrates Corps's birthday
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    Thumbs up 98-year-old female Marine celebrates Corps's birthday

    Ed Tribble Reports
    98-year-old female Marine celebrates Corps's birthday

    Nov 11, 2006 08:46 AM

    Each November 10th the United States Marine Corps celebrates its birthday.

    The tradition calls to honor an old Marine and young one.

    And at this celebration they have not just one of 'the few.' Not just one of 'the proud.' But one of the first female Marines.

    "When we found out Miriam was one of us, we couldn't get by without having her here," says retired Lt. Col. Rich Richey.

    98-year-old Miriam Cohen says during World War II she wanted to serve and she did.

    Miriam comes from a strong military background. She wouldn't let her gender get in the way of serving her country.

    "That was a long time. There was war and we had to serve," Cohen says.

    At a time when the military needed women, she stepped up.

    "All our guys were in uniform or defense industries and we had a need for women in uniform and Miriam answered the call," Richey says.

    Her family says she didn't see combat. Instead, Miriam traveled to various military offices to prove women could do the same job as men.

    At the celebration ceremony Miriam says she's honored. "I'm very much impressed. glad there are people who still care."

    Miriam was never officially discharged from the Marine corps. Even at 98 years old, she's still proud to be a Marine.

    "Once a Marine always a Marine," Miriam says.


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    Thumbs up Salute!

    I salute Miriam Cohen and her service to the Corps and our country. Had it not been for Miriam and women like her those doors never would have been opened for the rest of us. Thank you Miriam.

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